Lime Chicken Fajita recipe brings flavor to lunch

This recipe for lime chicken fajitas was ...more

A Marriage Made in the Kitchen

I think it all started with the naked Julia Child impressions. We were newly married and everything was fun. We weren't entirely naked while cooking, of course – aprons were a requirement and oven mitts (worn wherever) were allowed. There were other rules, too – no deep-frying, for example, for obvious reasons. Using plummy, authoritative voices we would do a fictitious play-by-play of dinner preparation: "Place the turkey in the oven for 350 minutes at 120 degrees. Oopsie! [take slug of wine]."...more
Leslie I. I wonder how many of them were naked?more

Try This Tasty Salmon With A Twist

Hey guys, so last week I found out from Angela Lanter’s Snapchat that March is National Nutrition Month, so this week I’m sharing my Roasted Salmon recipe. Roasted salmon is one of my all time favorite recipes to prepare and eat. I just love everything about it. With Spring approaching, (YAY to the 60°weather this week in the New York area) I really want to commit to eating healthier options for the well-being of my body because I have a summer wedding coming up, I want to look and feel great. Check out the roasted salmon recipe below and, if you love Salmon as much as I do I would love to hear your how you prepare it. I’m always on the hunt for new ways to cook Salmon. Enjoy xx ♥ ...more

The ultimate breakfast wars

It is Saturday. My son and I are in the kitchen and I am teaching him how to make scrambled eggs. I watch him as he stands on a stool near the stove, mimicking the moves I showed him earlier with the spatula. "Look, Mommy! I am swooping the eggs and they are coming out fluffy."...more

Sorry Guys, But Cooking is the WORST.

Your girl AA is on a health kick, y’all. I told you guys I wanted to make some lifestyle changes recently, and I believe in holding yourself accountable and not just talking smack about what you PLAN to do in the future instead of actually doing it.  Like the good ol’ Nike slogan says… [shut the hell up about it]and just do it.  ...more

Product review: Kitzini sheets (like Silpat, but cheaper)

I’m back in the habit of cooking at home again!  It’s good news for my budget, and also for my health. Perhaps not so good for my health is that lately I’m interested in baking again as well....more

Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl

I love Asian food- Pho, Fried Rice, anything wrapped in a wonton- basically anything that can be paired with Soy Sauce or Wasabi is my friend. However, after adopting a mostly clean and Paleo lifestyle, and especially during a Whole30 cycle, wontons, rice, and soy are a no-go. ...more

Whole30 / Paleo Valentine's Dinner Ideas

Whole30 Valentine's MealsOh Valentine's Day, thanks to genius advertisers and great marketing campaigns, don't we all equate this holiday t...more

Gonna eat that: homemade chicken marsala

Just a quick note to say DAMN, that was a good dinner last night! This recipe earned a spot of honor in the blue binder where I keep only tried-and-true favorites. (Note to self: I should tell you about that binder sometime.) This one is quick, delicious, and has just a few ingredients...Read more and get the recipe link on my blog, The Beauty of Midlife.~Stephanie...more

Best Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Best Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe EverI am so bold as to say that this has to be my Best Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe Ever as the pictures show. It was light fluffy and the recipe was easy to make. The buttercream frosting was absolutely delicious. The ingredients are:...more
still working on perfecting the buttercream frostingmore