Sorry Guys, But Cooking is the WORST.

Your girl AA is on a health kick, y’all. I told you guys I wanted to make some lifestyle changes recently, and I believe in holding yourself accountable and not just talking smack about what you PLAN to do in the future instead of actually doing it.  Like the good ol’ Nike slogan says… [shut the hell up about it]and just do it.  ...more

Product review: Kitzini sheets (like Silpat, but cheaper)

I’m back in the habit of cooking at home again!  It’s good news for my budget, and also for my health. Perhaps not so good for my health is that lately I’m interested in baking again as well....more

Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl

I love Asian food- Pho, Fried Rice, anything wrapped in a wonton- basically anything that can be paired with Soy Sauce or Wasabi is my friend. However, after adopting a mostly clean and Paleo lifestyle, and especially during a Whole30 cycle, wontons, rice, and soy are a no-go. ...more

Whole30 / Paleo Valentine's Dinner Ideas

Whole30 Valentine's MealsOh Valentine's Day, thanks to genius advertisers and great marketing campaigns, don't we all equate this holiday t...more

Gonna eat that: homemade chicken marsala

Just a quick note to say DAMN, that was a good dinner last night! This recipe earned a spot of honor in the blue binder where I keep only tried-and-true favorites. (Note to self: I should tell you about that binder sometime.) This one is quick, delicious, and has just a few ingredients...Read more and get the recipe link on my blog, The Beauty of Midlife.~Stephanie...more

Best Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Best Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe EverI am so bold as to say that this has to be my Best Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe Ever as the pictures show. It was light fluffy and the recipe was easy to make. The buttercream frosting was absolutely delicious. The ingredients are:...more
still working on perfecting the buttercream frostingmore

Traditional (and not so traditional!) Afternoon Tea in London

When in London, it is almost a ‘given’ that you have to try the old custom of afternoon tea – here are the traditional favourites and a little more unusual. Brown's Hotel, MayfairAfternoon tea is quintessentially English, so what better place to have it than at The English Tea Rooms in Brown's Hotel? There are so many places now doing "afternoon tea with a twist", but here you'll find the original version - delicate finger sandwiches, luscious cakes, and of course scones served with the best cream and jam. And the tea?...more

Rosemary, a popular culinary herb also used to flavor oils and vinegars.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial aromatic shrub that is native to the Mediterranean region. Its leaves are needles similar to conifers. It gets its name from a legend that claims that the Virgin Mary draped her blue cloak over a white blossomed rosemary. The flowers on the rosemary turned blue and the plant became known as Rose of Mary....more

Plentiful Pantry

Hey guys, how’s your week going so far? We’re halfway through!...more

Cooking Guru S4E8: Spicy Berry-Turkey & Brie Sliders

 SPICY BERRY-TURKEY & BRIE SLIDERS Sponsored by Arawak Farms: arawakfarm.comPrep: 15 minutes  Cook time: 15 minutes Serves 4; 2 sliders/serving Ingredients:1.25 lbs. lean ground turkey breast...more