Grow Your Own Poultry Seasoning

You’re probably already growing most of the ingredients for poultry seasoning in your herb garden. When you are drying your herbs in the fall, put these aside to make your herb mix for that all important Thanksgiving meal. Here’s what you’ll need:Read more ...more

My Favorite Meatloaf Recipe

Yep that’s me, a meatloaf lover and I’m not afraid to admit it, even in health-nut California. My youngest son kept asking to have it for dinner but I balked. He craves super American food while my other son prefers Japanese. My experience with American meatloaf was my mom’s version and it was awful. But my son kept asking so I relented. I researched the Internet and landed on the perfect recipe: Guy Approved Meatloaf. I love it and I’m not a guy....more

In the Kitchen With Dad

Throughout my childhood, my father cooked all our family dinners. He was not a good cook. Apparently, Mom was even worse. She had abdicated the lead role in the kitchen very early in their marriage, after one too many complaints from Dad. ...more

Adding on a vegetable

You come home from work and head straight into the kitchen. Within a few minutes, you are pre-heating, sauteing, chopping and seasoning. It's a Tuesday, you've put in a full day at work, and now you are cooking with purpose: You are trying to get dinner on the table before 7 pm....more
My "go to" is asparagus - fresh, not canned.  A little olive oil, garlic and salt and bake it ...more

Grow Your Own Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is readily available in your grocery store and in your herb garden. You can easily grow the savory, fennel, basil, thyme and lavender found in the commercial mixtures.Read more   ...more

Grow Your Own Bouquet Garni

According to Julia Child, a bouquet garni is used to flavor soups, stews and braised meats and consists of parsley, thyme, and bay leaf with other vegetable leaves added occasionally. Most modern recipes require more complex flavors and call for bouquet garni made of many different herbs, all of which can be found in your herb garden....more

Pickled Peppers

I have such a wonderfully ridiculous quantity of peppers in my garden that I had to come up with a project that went beyond simply adding them to everything that I was eating. Pickling them was really the best idea. They will last for a long time that way, and they also take up a much more reasonable space!...more

Catching Up to the Present

Well, I've got to admit that trying to fill in all of the missing information from the last several years of my life has proven pretty daunting.  I've decided to push forward and just start posting the most current things I'm doing, cooking, and having fun with!For the sake of getting the blog up to speed:...more


This blog is a new start to a blog I started a couple of years ago as I was just beginning my cooking career.  This began as a very green, wide-eyed journey into what I wasn't sure would ever be a life I could sustain and thrive within.My first blog was called "The Profane Chef" and the welcome page was this:...more