Best Dishes for the Big Game

As baseball season winds down and football just begins, there are plenty of sporting events to look forward to. Whether it’s the World Series party you’re planning, or a Sunday afternoon football party, food is always a must. As much as chips, dip, beer, and soda are appreciated, sometimes it’s nice to provide dishes that are still simple yet feel a little more gourmet, like these Sargento recipes:1. Grilled PizzaIngredients:1 1/3 c warm water1 envelope active dry yeast1 Tbsp. sugar...more

10 Things Every Vegan Kitchen Needs

Most of us, when we made the switch to vegan (or even vegetarian), realized that our kitchens were suddenly poorly set up for our diets.  It can take a long time and a lot of confusion and frustration to get your kitchen really in shape for your lifestyle.  I'm here to make that a little easier on you. Here are 10 items every vegan kitchen needs: 1. Spice Rack ...more

Thai Inspired Chicken Dippers (Gluten Free)

This recipe for Thai Inspired Chicken Dippers (gluten free) is easy, versitile and delicious !!  ...more

America's Test Kitchen Cooking School

Have any of you ever wanted to go to Culinary School, but never knew how to find the time or come up with the tuition? I may have a solution for you. I was browsing theAmerica’s Test Kitchen website (this is a fun website for cooking nerds like me) and I noticed a Cooking School tab on the page. I of course clicked it, and what do I see?...more

Must-Have Monday (And An OXO Giveaway)

 Every once in a while (hmmm – every day), I find something that I think I just have to have. Sadly, thanks to the ease of Amazon Prime and the corresponding app on my iPhone, I often find that must-have item on my doorstep in less than 48 hours. Sometimes, in that 48 hours, I forget what is in the box… Clearly, did I really need it if I don’t even remember what it is?...more

Adult Banana Split

Super easy Honey Cayenne Chicken

Chicken can be made in so many ways and you can add pretty much any flavor to it and it'll be good. I learned this from Melissa d'Arabian, The Next Food Network Star’s fifth season winner. I can really relate to her wanting to make food with cheap ingredients that still taste delicious and don't take too much time...more

Cajun Chicken Pasta

DIY Taco Seasoning: Skip the Store-Bought Stuff

I love making my own seasonings at home. You never need to worry about not having them on hand, thus avoiding running to the store like a maniac last minute. Plus, they always test better in my opinion. Making your own seasonings can also save you some money. I highly recommend giving it a try. Here’s my version of the store-bought taco seasoning mixes. Gather all your spices and measure them out. ...more
That's awesome!more

Skinny Cauliflower Fried Rice

Looking for a great side dish that is healthy and flavorful? We have been hearing a lot about the Paleo diet which is basically anything in it’s whole form and does not incorporate grains, so basically no carbs. Here is a little information on it, if you are interested in learning more. We are not on any strict diet but try to eat a limited carb intake in the evening, since you are the most sedentary. Our Skinny Cauliflower rice is the best option for a delicious side dish....more