Patriotic Plates

The biggest party of the summer is coming up so it’s time to gather your shopping lists and get cookin’! Whether you’re partying with fmaily and friends or packin’ a picnic to watch fireworks, tasty treats are a necessity. Check out this menu of recipes and go party like it’s 1776!!Homemade Tangy Grilled Tater Chips...more

“Butter Slathered Roast of Prime Rib” by One Menopausal Chef

For love of butter—and that it pleases my menopausal heart: here’s a roast of prime rib slathered completely in butter and roasted to mouthwatering, melt-in-your-mouth perfection! When you’ve cooked and served something this delicious, a chattering waiting crowd at your dining room table will suddenly go very, very quiet. And what you’ll hear is the yumming-humming smacking sounds of serious eating. Paula Deen and I have kinship where butter is concerned.  Smile!So “where’s the beef?”...more

Allende On Aphrodisiacs

COOKING RIGHT FOR MR RIGHT  I greatly admire Isabelle Allende for her sumptuous writing, but who knew she was also a sensuous cook?  In her delightfully idiosyncratic “Aphrodite” she promises this dish, Noodles with Artichokes, will move lovers quickly “from gluttony to lust” -- because, she claims, it’s saturated with aphrodisiacs. Ergo, a thoroughly satisfying night of passion is sure to follow.  Try it on your Old Mr....more

Weekend Plans

I love, love our local farmer's market.  It is about 2 miles away now and is open every Tuesday and Friday.  I got there this morning about 8:00 and there was just a wonderful array of baked goods, honey, squash and zucchini (which I have coming out my ears from my own garden right now), herbs, onions, potatoes and some tomatoes.  There was even one guy there with corn, but it seemed a little small, so I passed on that.  And oh my goodness, the flowers!...more


Another Saturday and all dressed with no where to go. Both of us are lying low due to the ...more

I'm crazy, crazy for feelin' so....

My husband, Marc, and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner.  We were going to be smoking lamb chops on the Big Green Egg.  But, since we made a turkey a few days earlier, he was going to warm some of it up as well. ...more

I need all the help I can get... I am holding on to my laugh as long as I can.... because if I ...more

How to eat real food in 8 easy steps

I took a real food mini-pledge this week, staying away from processed foods and refined grains, such as white bread, rice, and pasta. Read more at How to eat real food in 8 easy steps....more

Project Domestication

I love to eat, but I hate to cook....more