Trying To Stay Busy

Zola and Ajay are off on an adventure for the next two weeks. They left yesterday to spend some time with my parents in PA and I am missing them like crazy. Although, I know that they are having fun because this morning when I called I could barely keep Zola on the phone for more than two seconds and Ajay wouldn't even get on the phone. I heard him in the background "Tell her I love her, but I am busy right now."...more

Foods to help with joint movement and to help reduce chronic pain.

Every since my (failed) back surgery I have been "food" conscience. I try to cook foods that helps with joint movement and chronic pain. You can pretty much find the below foods at my house every day.  . *in case you can't tell I love roses and pink... and I can't for the life of me cut a pretty avocado.One of these foods is avacodos. Avocado has abundant nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids that are good for your joints....more

I've had 3 discs removed and a rod put in but it didn't really help that much. At my last doctor ...more

Fake and Bake

When I think of the term “fake and bake,” I think of artificial tanning.  I’m all about fake tanning these days since last month I became the I’ve-got-skin-cancer-and-I’m-getting-a-chunk-of-my-back-cut-out-soon Sunscreen Queen.  My fake tanning isn’t going so well.  I suck at applying it evenly and my legs are looking a little streaked.  But, it’s better than the real thing....more

wherefore art thou, romesco?

My local  Central Market just finished celebrating two weeks of everything Spanish. We had flamenco dancers and great music in the cafe; we sampled bits of cheeses and sips of wines, tiny tastes of chocolate and bacalao, and I discovered romesco sauce.I can only say that I am sorry to be so late to this party......more

Ditch the Recipes: Try a Simpler Approach to Cooking

Rob and I have had a number of wine-fueled, dinner-table conversations in recent weeks about our personal approach to cooking, and whether it might be a model, in some small way, for a different way to prepare food....more

Mouthwatering Memorial Day Menu

It’s here! The official start of the summer season and this is the outdoor feast that starts the next three months of sunshine-filled fun with a bang! Break out the BBQs, fill the coolers with ice, blast some hit, and it’s time to celebrate summer with this memorable menu! And don’t forget to toast our fallen soldiers and service men abroad because after all, it’s the reason for the start of the season! Memorial Day Mushroom Burger...more

A May Flower of a Day

Today was a May-flower. Late this morning it seemed like thunderstorms, but instead we got the classic puffy white clouds against dark blue skies. Oh yeah…and NO snow! After months of heavy snows, this is still a fabulous fact to note. Literature of the Holocaust requires a lot of reading (supposed to be around 6 to 8 hours a day) but I’m enjoying it. Tennis & Badminton…wellll if I were more coordinated, they’d probably be fun…unfortunately they just remind me that P.E. actually stands for “Physical Embarrassment.” At least it’s giving me 2 hours daily of exercise....more

Redefining Roles - Guest blog

Jessica Wallace is a working mother and blogger extraordinaire who finds herself home for a short time, and trying to make the best of it. She's over at Geekmama! Go take a peek!___I've held a paid job for as long as I've been legally allowed to. In high school and during college breaks I worked in fast food, from drive-though cashier to trainer to shift manager. Before that, I had a daily paper route....more

The Parade of Nations and a falafel recipe.

Yesterday was the annual Local Colors Festival in my hometown. It's an annual festival that celebrates the diversity of the nationalities living here in the Roanoke Valley, of which there are over ninety. This spring festival boasts a parade of nations and a series of performances that last all day long. There are also a multitude of vendors selling wares and food that are representative of their countries. ...more

10 Frugal Cooking Tips

With the rising cost of food, saving money on food sometimes seems like a misnomer. Frugal meal preparation is possible, however, with a little effort on your part.   Grow your own herbs, even if only on your windowsill or on a small patio. Use organic soil and heirloom seeds whenever possible for the healthiest food. Do the same with a food garden, even if growing everything in containers because there is a lack of space. ...more