Hi, I'm New Here!

I joined this blogging network in the hopes of meeting and networking with other mothers. I’m a homeschooling mom who is working on an organic soap/spa business. I’m also a writer....more

Oh pepper plants, why do you tease me so?

I was a wee bit disappointed today to find out from one of my favorite market vendors that I can't plant peppers for another three weeks. Apparently they are not hardy plants and won't bounce back if we get a late frost. However, I do have a few tomato plants in the ground - Better Boy, Beefsteak, and Cherokee Purple - and today I planted a small selection of herbs in my brand new herb garden. A little rosemary, lavender, oregano, sage and tarragon to start. Still, I really want those peppers! ...more

I was dreamily looking at all of the new garden supplies, perrinals, and annuals...But sadly ...more

“Cursed, Wretched Menopause…!” Happy Cooking; I Rant in My Kitchen.

If my husband can stand me just as I am, why can’t I? Being “thin” does not “attractive” make me. If you want to be thin then be thin, my Lancelot Knight tells me. If you want to eat then eat! He’d rather have me “chubby and happy” than “unhappy and miserable” dieting. I’ve recorded a long rollercoaster ride trying to keep up with all the trendy diets in the past many years, not excluding exorcism by starving the beast within, in the quest to losing weight....more

You gotta love that butter. Butter is life...butter is good...butter is the flavor of cooking! ...more

Washing Dishes...Again

When we moved to our new home eight months ago, I was worried. You see, our new home has no dishwasher. And I had kind of made a personal vow that I would never move to another home without a dishwasher again until all my kids had left the nest....more

I'd have to say laundry machine because I have 2 active boys (counting my husband!). We have a ...more

A Dispatch From Type-A Land: Weekend "To-Do" List for April 15

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope the weather is as fabulous where you are as it is where I am. Sunny, warm days and chilly overnight. ...more

Real Women of Philadelphia Season 2 Host Search is ON right NOW and You could have a $25,000 Contract!

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of 4 Real Women of Philadelphia hosts in June 2010.  Season 2 has just started and this amazing opportunity is just waiting for YOU if you love to interact with home cooks and cook yourself! Here we are in Savannah creating cooking videos for the Real Women of Philadelphia! Having the ...more

Pig Out Healthily This Passover

Passover is all about the Seder. And the Seder means a giant feast with family. What better way to commemorate family and tradition than by a delicious yet healthy meal? Be sure to try some if not all of the following vegan versions of Passover favorites!Matzoh Ball Soup ...more

Mushroom Soup or Zupa Pieczarkowa

While there are two basic Mushroom Soups in Polish cooking, I decided to make Zupa Pieczarkowa which is made with button mushrooms typically found in grocery stores instead of wild mushroom soup.  After all, it is not the time of year for wild mushroom picking.  I also wanted to make something simple for Meatless Friday during Lent season.While you might think this soup is a family favorite for us since we are Polish, I have to admit my brother has a...more
@isthisthemiddle Thank you! Your recipe sounds delicious as well :)more

Sunday Vino for Rigatoni alla Norma (Pasta with Eggplant)

Apparently eggplant is the American broccoli equivalent to parent-child tableside frustration. Happily, eggplant is much easier to adapt to wine ...more

How to Dice an Onion like a Pro (It's Easy!)

How to Dice an Onion like a Pro...more