Good Food Now: Join the Big Fight for Better Eats

Of course, when you focus on tackling those bigger problems -- childhood obesity, say -- they can seem so vast that you get discouraged from ever getting involved in finding solutions. Still, changing what you eat in your own home is a relatively simple task that clearly has much bigger environmental and health consequences. If you've made personal changes -- whether it's to eat more fresh veggies, to seek out more local produce, or to opt for organic products whenever possible -- you're already part of the solution. ...more

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Take a ...more

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

Its been a busy week at the restaurant, time got away from me I didn't realize it was March 1st already and I had to be gone from work for a couple of days for health issues.  The clean up is almost done in the Mall from the fire.  While I was gone Service Master clean the banquet room to get rid of the smoke smell and any sut that might of been in there.  It looks great.  A family came in for pizza with their kids and some friends so we decided to treat them with a dessert pizza.  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Sounds bad but very good give it a try. <...more

Homemade Puppy Treats

It's a beautiful-ish day here in the nation's capital.  The sun isn't shining, but it is balmy and warm.  I can actually sit on my porch and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Have I mentioned my eternal love for our new Kuerig?  Blood no longer runs through these veins.  I'm living off Cafe Mocha and French Vanilla.  Coffee is necessary on a day like today.  We are busy bees.  Did I mention we are dog sitting?  I wouldn't necessarily call it dog sitting, since Radar the Ador...more

The Power of Chicken Casserole

It surprises me how food has such an emotional impact. It's probably a little strange to blog about a blog but a couple of days ago, I was looking at Ree Drummond's Tasty Kitchen  and saw where eatliverun had posted a recipe for a chicken casserole that my mom made when we were growing up. It is one of those where the celery, carrots and onion were saute'd together and then added to chicken, noodles, cheese and those “cream of” soups and baked with a cracker crumb topping....more

How to Cook Up a PhD Dissertation: 50 Plates at a Tiime!

Well, you might wonder what cooking and writing a dissertation have in common. Well, we are about to find out from the Two Whos’  friend ” The Prairie Girl ” who is a cyclist, chef ,  scholar and friend.  She  just started her own blog!...more

Cook lasagna in the dishwasher?!

I love my dishwasher's geeky control panel with lots of cool wash options. However, I guess Whirlpool forgot one: the cook dinner setting....more

I think my kids are up to the challenge and will test drive this recipe. They are fearless in ...more

Who can give me more info about this?

It was a running day in Vancouver when, walking on Chinatown we ran into this stand. (read more)From

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec Pâté chinois is a great family recipe. With his historical roots, this comforting meal is reproduced on a regular basis in kitchens across Quebec. The Pâté chinois is certainly the national dish of Quebec. It's a recipe that our grandmothers and our mothers did. It is democratic, easy to make, cross generations and social classes. ...more

Getting Closer to Book Release Time...Finally!

Remember the scene towards the end of the movie Julie and Julia where Julia Child is sitting in her kitchen holding her cookbook in her hands?...more

Pass It On Ladies