Are You Ready for Some Football...Party Food? Tips & Advice for Throwing a Last Minute Super Bowl Party

So here we are, just days away from some Super Bowl Sunday, and you might still be on the fence about whether or not to throw a party. Are you too late?...more

If you could eat only 10 things for the rest of your life?

If you could eat only 10 things for the rest of your life? Food is for most of us, a passion, an excitement, a discovery. And, we can all surely say, that everyone in the whole wide world has different tastes, habits, suggestions, propositions or guilty pleasures about food. As a society, sadly, we became mostly cerebral about what we eat; counting the calories, the sugar, the gluten, the salt, the fat, exercising to loose it all, fasting to be able to eat more. But where, in all of that, as gone the simple pleasure of eating without any fear, concerns, doubts. ...more

1. dark, rich, amazing chocolate
2. perfectly grilled lobster
3. osso bucco
4. salad of baby ...more

Reboot Your Meal Planning

by  Sarah Welch Unless you’re a professional chef, we’re betting that one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of your week/day is meal planning. Finding a recipe, shopping for ingredients, chopping and prepping, not to mention the actual cooking part – it sounds exhausting before you’ve even started. That’s one of the reasons why so many time-starved people are starving for home-cooked meals. It’s all just so time consuming. But wait, it really isn’t if you do just a little bit of advance planning. If you can’t imagine three consecutive days without visiting a drive-through or picking up the phone for delivery, read on....more

I am totally going to sit down this weekend and plan the rest of February.

One thing, ...more

Cooking your Future - You have all the Ingredients you need

  Cooking is one of my passions and I got caught up watching Top Chef re runs, and it was the New Orleans Soul Food special, so there I was twisting and turning in bed from the mouth watering dishes I wished I could even smelled or even tasted but the frustration was terrible because I could only see what I didn’t have....more

I have in mind a trip to NOLA to go indulge with the best Soul Food - seafood, I can get my ...more

On French Fries as Comfort Food

An early spring, my ass, Punxsatawney Phil. We were down to 8 degrees this morning with wind chill, which makes the looming 115-degree summer that much more worthy of dread. And the wind? This morning found me Googling “wind damage covered by insurance?” while I waited for our agent to call. Specifically, are we covered if the maniac winds grabbed our backyard fence and ripped it right the hell out of the ground. ...more

I'm so excited that you're cooking french fries tonight! I hope they're as satisfying for you as ...more

What are you cooking for your love one ?

What are you cooking for your love one ? Valentine's day is approaching and i am wondering what to cook for my husband on this special day. It is always such a pleasure to cook for someone you love because you want to give them the best, the ultimate meal and surprise them as well with your intention and devotion. I am thinking about Foie gras with a Boeuf bourguignon, and Champagne, bien sûr. ...more

Experimenting in the Kitchen is a Good Thing

By no means do I consider myself to be a culinary genius in the kitchen. Truth be told, however, I do my fair share of experimentation. I’m not talking actual science in the kitchen like making rock candy, watching a hard-boiled egg be sucked into a narrow-neck bottle or creating volcanic eruptions with baking soda and vinegar. No, my brand of experimenting is more refined, more deliberate, more edible....more

i love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, i learn to cook by watching cooking shows and ...more

Slow Cooked Chicken with White Beans, Bacon, and Rosemary Recipe

Today I’m going to share a dish I  made during my most recent cooking segment on Virginia This Morning. When the show’s producer asked me to share a hearty  comfort food recipe good for the cold weather we’re having, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.Knowing most people had probably already gone through their rotation of favorite chili, soup, and stew recipes, I figured  they would be ready for something different to mix things up a little....more

What (in the kitchen) strikes fear in you?

Fear, innate in all of us, is a human instinct. It is nature’s coping mechanism to protect us from the emotional bad stuff. The number one thing people are afraid of is a terrorist attack. Cooking in the kitchen did not make the top ten list....more

Most Romantic Valentine's Day Recipe Contest I thought I'd share this recipe contest since I know there are a lot of cooks and foodies on this site. I wish I can enter, but I actually work for the California Strawberry Commission and that disqualifies me. : ( Here are the details in case you're interested....more