Tasty Tuesday: Maple Dijon Baked Chicken

Want a quick and easy chicken recipe?! Here ya go! Now I only eat chicken (no other meats or even seafood) so I'm constantly looking for chicken recipes that are different from what I normally eat. I'm sure over the course of time, you'll get tired of my chicken recipes, but until then :) One of my best friends gave me this amazing recipe...the only problem is I forgot to take a picture of it after it cooked (oops). I promise that it looked amazing (and tasted great too). To see the recipe, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.com Xo,...more

The Ultimate Lasagna

There is nothing better than comfort food. We all love comfort food, there is just something inside of us that screams for something, that makes you feel satisfied. One of my family’s favorite foods is lasagna. It is our favorite comfort food and when done right can melt anyone’s heart and make them come back for seconds and thirds....more

How to freeze your leftover tomato paste

Too many times I’ve opened a can of tomato paste for a pasta sauce or soup and after, I’m left with…an entire can of tomato paste, minus a measly teaspoon....more

Boeuf Bourguignon (In Three Easy Steps)

Cold, extra-long wintery nights are so much warmer with mouth-watering boeuf bourguignon. That’s fancy for beef burgundy thanks to an overnight marinade in a whole bottle of red wine.  Boeuf bourguignon is not a last-minute-dig-in-your-pantry dish, but it does involve minimal cooking as long as you follow these three easy steps: 1) Organize your ingredients 2) Marinate the beef overnight 3) Sear the beef, then braise it with the wine/veggie marinade. Bon appetite! ...more

Simple Meals

Are you trying to eat healthy but too busy to cook? Follow us weekly and find out great recipes that you can make ahead, that you can either pop in the oven or throw in your crockpot. Another great option is to get a friend or a couple friends and coordinate a meal exchange. Pick out two meals each and buy all of the ingredients for your two meals. Make sure to double them up if you are coordinating with a friend. Pick a day to prepare the meals and put in freezer bags with written directions on the bags. Freeze the meals and arrange a day to exchange them....more

2014 Osechi Ryori, Japanese New Year's Good Luck Food

Happy New Year!明けましておめでとう!...more

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

I was scrolling through recipes trying to decide what we were going to put on for dinner. I spotted a great Carnitas recipe over at Fab Fit Fun. Her idea of cooking her pork in a combination of beer, orange juice and onion powder gave me the kickoff! You can read her Pork Carnitas recipe here. ...more

Austerity measures in the kitchen

 Half my problem: Shopping hungry and without a list."Do you have any idea how much we s...more

Cooking Disasters are Frequent in this House

Oh, the cooking of the holiday family meal. The joy, the happiness, the horror....more

Menu Item

 A friend of mine gave me an idea for the “pork” based New Year’s Eve party.I made barbecue beans,which have ham and bacon in them, along with some vegetables tobalance it out. I’ll be babysitting it through the night and it’ll go with us to the party tomorrow.No matter where you go or what you do, I hope your New Year’s Eve is a safe and happy one.I thank you for following Thereisnosanityclause and hope you check in with me in 2014.Happy New Year!...more