Taming the Beast

One of My Favorite Things

You see this red Dutch Oven?  It is one of my favorite things in my kitchen.  Heck!  It's almost one of my favorite things in my house!  It makes cooking so delicious and easy....more

The Main Ingredients

When I look at the ingredients in a recipe, I dissect them into three parts....more

Music to Get You Cooking

Music is always playing in my kitchen when I'm cooking....more

Ceviche with Tilapia and Calamari

One of the healthiest things that you can eat is white fish. When I am trying to eat clean, I am always looking for great ways to change up my recipes. I also don’t want to hear how stinky the house is from my kids and husband after I cook fish in the oven. I love ceviche, so I decided I would give it a try. Ceviche is great because you can make it one day and eat it subsequently. It is so refreshing and there is basically nothing to feel guilty about. You can add a little olive oil to yours but I didn’t to save the calories....more

How Many Pots?

I started this page to track and share how far we go as a family to provide good wholesome traditional foods for us and our son. If you recall we are matching his school menu as best we can with preparing foods that match what they are having. Monday night -after all was said and done Dad says to me, "this meal is page worthy." So, here's the story. Noah's meal needed to be cheese grits for breakfast and mac and cheese for lunch. Simple right? I thought so too......more

Messing with Tradition- November Culinary Adventure Results

Messing with Tradition- November Culinary Adventure ResultsOur challenge last month was to throw caution to the wind, take a good ‘ol standby recipe and put a new twist on it. I chose to mess around with cranberry sauce because I must admit I’ve never had a cranberry sauce that made me want to go back for more.Click to read more about how I've insulted my family and improved the status of the cranberry all at once!...more

Super Simple Bruschetta

It’s rare for bruschetta to miss the mark. After all, the garlic, tomato and olive oil combo make it a perfect complement to most anything and it’s a quick appetizer to make ahead for parties. I like to serve it with fresh Parmesan because cheese makes everything better....more

Basic instincts

We're in the eye of a storm....more

Amazon.com is my Downfall

Q. Tell us about the last thing a person or advertisement convinced you to buy.A. I mostly shop grocery stores to avoid buying too much stuff that clutters the house.  For my upcoming birthday I splurged on two much wanted things --- a professional deep fryer and a computerized sewing/emboridery machine.With the fryer, I make perfect chicken nuggets for my son.  This is no fry daddy. It's Emeril. The special feature is the oil filtration box.  ...more