November Culinary Adventure

November Culinary Adventure....more

Chicken Marsala

We recently went camping and had the best time. Well the boys camped with the kids and the ladies stayed inside the house and “glamped”. While the boys ate grilled burgers and dogs, we were treated to a delicious dinner of Chicken Marsala made by the lovely Stacey Haines. This masterpiece is great for a crowd because the longer it sits, the better it tastes. Yes, the leftovers are heavenly....more

Meatless Monday No. 6 - Cloudy with a Chance of "Meatballs"

We finally got around to purchasing a much-desired small kitchen appliance today - something that I've whined on and off about wanting (needing, really) for quite some time - which is going to make my Meatless Monday experiment (and our other cooking too, for that matter) considerably easier. ...more
The Missing Niche You're welcome! I really enjoyed it, and definitely recommend giving the ...more

One-Pan Pasta

One-Pan Pasta...more
We've made this. It's good!more

Cinnamom Raisin Couscous

It is Fall everywhere in the world, and everywhere in the world they are celebrating it differently. I am not sure what my fellow Lebanese are doing back home but I am well aware of what my fellow Americans are up to these days: apples, pumpkins, pies! How I miss pies, and pumpkins, and cookies, and Fall back in the US. Had we been there, we would probably be going to an Autumn Harvest festival, to a pumpkin patch or to apple picking. We might be meeting up with friends, pairing up the girls, and toting the younger ones....more

Too Tired To Cook? Simplify Your Kitchen in 3 Easy Steps

I am one busy woman, and I bet you are too. If you know me, you know that  cooking and meal planning are high priority for me and I am hell bent on making almost all of my meals come straight out of my kitchen.  The more I cook the less tolerance I have for overly salty, fat laden takeout.  I want to know exactly what is in my food and how it is prepared.  I want vegetable heavy dishes. No restaurant is going to tell me that or do that for me.  It's all on me....more

The Recipe Exchange

Rainy Days Are Soup Days!With the first rain of the season here in the Los Angeles area, my mind is wandering through all the yummy soup recipes my little gray cells have stored up over the years - and I'm getting hungry! As I walk through my neighborhood, tantalizing aromas are wafting over the damp breeze, and it's easy to imagine that some of those delicious smells are coming from nice, full pots of savory soups....ahhhh.  Soup, simple and nourishing, warms the heart as well as the tummy....more

Yankee Candle Add Innovative Savory Turkey & Stuffing Candle to Thanksgiving Collection (2013) {Home Fragrance}

Yankee Candle are trying to introduce a taste of savory to American consumers in the form of a Turkey & Stuffingscented candle this autumn of 2013. And this is not just a taste of savory but of cooked savoriness......more