The History of Cosmetics

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Are My Household Products Trying to Kill Me?

 Laura Barnhardt Cech’s Lifestyle  article in ( the Baltimore Sun is a well-intentioned summary of McKay Jenkins “ContamiNation: My Quest to Survive in a Toxic World”  which depending upon one’s perspective and understanding of environmental health issues may cause the reader to “freak out” or delve deeper into the...more

12 Makeup Mistakes To Stop Making Today & Why

I've been guilty of every one of these crimes of beauty at some point in my lifetime. But you live and you learn.  Makeup is supposed to be fun, and it's 100% ok to find your way through trial and error. Here are 12 steps to make sure you've got the healthy makeup basics down!...more

Champagne-Gold Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Can you tell that I'm excited about the holidays? Plummy lipstick? Check. Silver eyes? Check. Pearl and gold jewelry? Double check. There is nothing I love more than looking festive, but this look can also be easily worn throughout the year.Prepare yourselves, there is more of this to come, plus a variety of extras! Expect a tutorial on how I cut my hair at home, trending product reviews, and more from my DIY Beauty series....more
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November Loves and Favorites

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