Holiday Vintage Glam Makeup Tutorial

 It is finally the start (at least in my mind) of the holiday season and with that comes the start of my holiday makeup tutorials!  I have several different tutorials planned, including th...more

October Loves and Favorites


Wicked Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Ashley Elizabeth Beauty

 This Wicked Witch Halloween makeup tutorial is easy and is a great option for any last minute costume ideas.  Throw on a pointed witches hat, add some black nail polish, grab a wooden broom and you are ready to go out!  The ways you can accessorize this look are endless. ...more

Smokey Gunmetal Grey Makeup Tutorial | Ashley Elizabeth

 As the weather grows colder and the days get shorter, my looks go from bright and vivid to dark and neutral.  I am in love with greys and taupes right now.  They are hands-down my go-to shades ...more

Stone Ombre Lip and Makeup Look | Ashley Elizabeth

 Greys and taupes have become incredibly popular with the change in weather (or, can we thank Kylie Jenner for that?).  In the spring and summer I was buying baby pinks, terracotta oranges, and pale warm nudes.  Now, I am all about those plummy browns, dusty mauves, and peachy nudes.  Oh, least I forget the newly crowned trending beauty term of the fall: Greige (that's grey-beige). ...more

May Drugstore and High End Favorites

Another month is about to wrap up and since my little boys tore out the last week of May from my planner at some point earlier this year I thought I would go ahead and write about my May favorites a little early since my mental calendar is a little haywire. There are so many gems out there both drugstore and higher end so let’s do this!  ...more

no make up no filter challenge

I proposed a challenge to my Facebook friends a while back to go raw for a day. The challenged proposed a single day in the public, without makeup, no filter and a selfie post. I did not address the weaves, wigs, extensions and hair piece because we never know what that will uncover. I did not go as far as asking people to post a fully body image of themselves without any clothes on or anything like that. However, I went the extra step with my own post still, to go raw without my wigs; that I often refer to as: My hat selection....more