Many of us dream of great relationship, yet, we allow hasty decisions to ruin it even before it starts.At times, we allow our heart to make the decisions for us instead of using our head.Many youth on their first date have se-x after all the dreams of having the greatest relationship ever.Well, you have set the pace for the relationship already.I am not saying you are too young or not, that is not the point here....more
i agree!more

I'm Getting A Divorce & So Should You.

Yep, you read the title correctly. I'm getting a divorce. Some of you who know me personally are scratching your head in a state of confusion. My mom's jaw probably dropped when she opened her email to this post. I'm on the other side of the screen laughing because it's incredible how a catchy title draws in sooooo many new readers! So, here's the deal: YES, I AM GETTING A DIVORCE. Are you intrigued yet?From MYSELF....more

Counseling: A Solution for Depression

I wrote here about being happy, but when I wrote the article, I left out one key component that prevents people from attaining happiness:  the ugly scourge of depression. As a person who suffers from bipolar disorder, I am no stranger to depression and have had several prolonged bouts with it in my past. ...more

They Will Keep

 As some of you know I teach English to juniors and seniors in high school.  If you have been around here for more than a minute you will know that I love my job, my coworkers, and my students....more

Friends in Need: Interventions for Domestic Violence

Last month, I received the following letter from an old friend, Lloyd Barnhart.  "A topic I would like you to cover/explore is that curious phenomena which permits otherwise independent women to be dominated…even abused…by males with whom they share some sort or relationship. Why is it that a seemingly strong, intelligent woman would allow herself to be hurt…her life to be altered in a negative way by some guy with whom she has some sort of relationship....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I Was Tired of Being His "Booty Call"

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm married to a man that I sleep in the same bed (our daughterco-sleeps with us) with but other than that not much else. We are in our thirties, and we've been married about two years but have been living togetherfor longer.  In the beginning it was great, even after we got married we spent most of our time together. I got pregnant and we lost our first little girl when I was 8 months pregnant, and a couple months later I got pregnant with our little girl who's now two....more
Do everything you can to get your happiness and freedom back. I went thru the same thing, and I ...more

Cursing at Crass, Crude, Coarse Language

Added this little gem to my holiday wish list.Featured above: The Chalkboard Speech Bubble at the ...more

Wives Walking on Egg Shells

Today I decided to write about some issues that God has placed on my heart.  I have spent twenty five years as a pastor's wife and professional counselor.  I have made so many mistakes, taken so many wrong life turns, and have only recently (past 4 years) found my way out of the abyss called "ministry".    If you choose to read this, I hope it serves as encouragement to you in your life....more

My Husband's An Alcoholic, But He Loves Our Son

My husband is an alcoholic. He's also very jealous and possessive. He's taken our grocery budget and spent it on booze. He's done some faulty things with loose women. Recently, I went out for a girls' night and my husband agreed to stay home with our two-year-old son. But then he promptly invited friends over, drank like a fish, and then called me to say he couldn't get our son to sleep and decided to let our friend drive him around drunk! Long story short, when I confronted our friend he told me that he wasn't drunk, didn't drive anywhere, and that my husband was lying about it to get me home early. But the twist is he's a great father. He didn't have a father growing up, and its very important to him to be an active part of our son's life. They have a great relationship, and he's my son's best friend, hands down. Can I fix our broken marriage? Should I even bother? I dream that we could be an old couple celebrating 50 years together. But now, I'm not so sure what to do.Help! ...more
Dear TTT, being alcoholic is not a crime. Your husband needs love and support, no money and ...more