Should Married Couples Have Separate Bank Accounts?

There’s really no ideal way for couples to merge their finances together once they’ve said their “I do"s (or even before the vows have been said), however to avoid future financial communication issues it’s important to have the conversation about how you two plan to handle the household finances going forward....more
I've always thought that married couples should share everything, but situations change and ...more

What Happens After You Say 'I Do'?

Recently, my girlfriend and I were chatting about our kids and our husbands and she shared how she wished her marriage was as perfect as mine.  I was taken aback because my marriage is a lot of things, but perfect it is not!  If she knew me and my husband right after we were married, she certainly would not characterize my marriage as 'perfect'.During that first year, past relationship baggage and my idealistic expectations of what a husband is supposed to be, had us both wondering if tying the knot had been the right thing to do....more
The last line of this really is the most important part - being committed to each other will get ...more

More Than a Feeling

Should I Give My Boyfriend a Marriage Ultimatum?

Whenever I talk to my boyfriend about planning our future life together his answer is always the same: "You know that I love you and we already share money, an apartment, and (formerly) a car so what more do you need?" I need progress. Should I give him a marriage ultimatum? ...more
I honestly started to tear up reading this blog.  I am 33, my bf is 27; we have been together ...more

Every Couple Fights

When you’re in a relationship with another person, there are bound to be disagreements. Those loving fights every couple has. In fact, it’s during those heated moments when we truly get to learn who the other person is, which ultimately make you both stronger as a couple.Sometimes arguing with your significant other can even be fun and playful. It’s not about winning; it’s just about pushing the other person’s buttons just enough for a little extra attention. Everyone loves an attention seeker, right? Sarcasm intended....more
Yup, guilty of pretty much all this....especially the "you should do this" fight.more

My Not-So-Pinterest-Perfect Wedding

In our society, wedding days are days that girls are socialized to dream about their whole lives, making Pinterest a gift and a curse.  After months of resistance, I started my wedding Pinterest board when I first started dating my now-fiancé. Finally, a place to put all your wedding dreams! It’s perfect, right?Well, not exactly....more
elledub_1920 lol, i read it already! ^_^more

Traveling As A Couple : A Survival Guide

Again great advice. You two certainly seem to have it figured out.more

Falling In Love When You Swore You Wouldn't

When this began I had no idea you’d love me, had no idea I’d love you back, had no idea that the full force of you would soon be as anchoring to me as gravity. I thought you were above falling for me, or beyond it, or too jaded for it. I thought you would be with me and then go home, and I thought you’d do it all without a second glance, without that one last look over your shoulder to see if I was looking back at you, too....more

Do You Love to Be Loved Back?

“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”...more

When Guys “Can’t” Use Condoms

Many men have problems with erection loss either while applying condoms or during intercourse with condoms. Let's review what does and doesn't cause the loss of arousal, and share some tips for couples to break the cycle....more