Falling In Love When You Swore You Wouldn't

When this began I had no idea you’d love me, had no idea I’d love you back, had no idea that the full force of you would soon be as anchoring to me as gravity. I thought you were above falling for me, or beyond it, or too jaded for it. I thought you would be with me and then go home, and I thought you’d do it all without a second glance, without that one last look over your shoulder to see if I was looking back at you, too....more

Do You Love to Be Loved Back?

“In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”...more

When Guys “Can’t” Use Condoms

Many men have problems with erection loss either while applying condoms or during intercourse with condoms. Let's review what does and doesn't cause the loss of arousal, and share some tips for couples to break the cycle....more

The Engagement

For the past week, my daughter has been out of town visiting friends and loved ones in another state. What happened the first day she arrived there? She got engaged! Her long time friend took photos of the happy couple. See the post HERE...more

How We Came to Be

It all began with a friendship, as great relationships do. My then friend, Miguel, was newly divorced and I was married...to someone else. What?! Yeah. Miguel and I worked together, he in the mail room and I, an Assistant (Secretary). He was dating and I was pregnant with Alex. My feet swelled, I was tired, worried I would lose Alex, because I'd lost my baby the year before. I don't talk about that often. ...more

5 Fun ways of saying, "I don't want to have sex tonight."

  I am GUILTY.  Yeah, I said it.  I am guilty of being an assertive wife and I am surprised that my husband has not left me.  I say assertive because mean, bitchy, or annoying sounds too childish.  Believe it or not, this feeling came upon me when I was reading Cosmopolitan the issue with Megan Fox on it.  I usually do not gravitate toward magazines, but if the magazine's cover says, "HOT sex tonight..." I am interested.  ...more

3 Tips for Online Dating Newbies

Gone are the days where you have to physically place yourself in a position to meet the man of your dreams. Online dating has become one of the primary ways of meeting new prospects for singles on the go....more

Sleeping with a Boyfriend: The Truth

After being in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend for a year, I couldn’t wait to sleep with him anytime I wanted. I don’t mean in that way either, but to actually sleep-sleep with him in the same bed every night. I couldn’t wait to snuggle. I couldn’t wait to have pillow talk. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep next to the person who meant the world to me....more

Date night (or day) ... It's not just a cliché!

Remember when you couldn’t wait to spend time together? Remember when you couldn’t wait to dress up, put on make up and look your absolute best for each other? Research shows that happy couples spend time together – and they enjoy it. In a recent survey, 88 percent of happy couples reported they make time for “date nights,” a time that they spend alone together, without children and obligations (Northrup, Schwartz & Witte, 2012)....more