Hubby and Me and Menopause Makes Three…Crowded!

I have no doubt that my husband—like most men—didn’t dream that his sweet-natured bride, oh-so pretty and in the greatest shape of her young life, would in the future morph before his very eyes. From one disappointing personality change—Mothra VS Godzilla in action—to gaining a whopping 100-pounds—like watching Dr. Bruce Banner morphing into the Hulk with an eating disorder. Time to wake-up and smell the roses; that was yesterday; this is today; it’s all downhill from here. But my hubby would never complain; he’s much too Mr. Rogers for that....more

The Idiosyncrasies and Muses of Menopause

This is about things that could only happen to someone afflicted with the syndrome called Menopause, but then we are the only ones who could care less! Although it sure isn’t how I would have felt even five years ago. And, of course, I never saw this day coming. I’m sure no-one does. You wake-up one day and see yourself a different person, in a different body, and ask, What happened? When did I go?...more

Hello Izzy!

Many women simply dismiss their time in menopause because they are embarrassed by ...more

All is fair in love and war

While driving home from work the other day, I was listening to a call in radio show which specialized in relationship advice.  During my commute I heard callers inquire about the mundane, “Hi, I recently moved in with my fiancé and he wants to spend the entire weekend watching sports.  We didn’t even get married yet, and I feel like the ‘Honeymoon’ already ended....more

it is bad to be an only child :) It must be great to have a sister to lean on.... Like a BFF ...more

Cooking a Romantic Meal, Even If I’m Menopausal and on a Budget

With an eagle eye I search through my pantry and thoroughly comb through our fridge until I discover items I know I can use to compose my Lancelot Knight a romantic meal. After a long week of work and family obligations, and me fighting to keep the menopausal Banshee at bay, the least I can do is cook my Honey a peace offering. However, I warn you that this meal is guaranteed to go straight to your thighs and settle like a fresh layer of stucco!...more

Menopausal and Happy Traipsing through Napa’s Wine Country

Have you noticed that as we get older we pick-up tendencies to be shamelessly blatant and daringly bolder? But then a little wine down-the-hatch goes a long way towards raising one’s spirits and courage! And that’s just what happened in Napa’s fresh country air; now add some bubbly and smooth, silky reds, as I did this past weekend, and you, too, will lose all abandon to the wind, as I did!...more

Spilled Milk, Broken Vases… continues “The Day of Reckoning”

In the dark, Canela walked to the little kitchen, searching for something…and eyed her only kitchen knife on the table, reflecting back from what little moon light came in through the window. The knife—long, wide, and sturdy—was inviting, though the tip was bent because Oracio had previously misused it to stab the table over and over…saying, “You see Canela? This is what I will do to your pretty face if you ever try to leave me. “No men will ever look at you, not scarred,” he promised....more

Falling In Love Again

I fell in love with you all over again last night. You never cease to surprise and amaze me. And it’s not the big things that impress me, but the little things. The little things you do that show you care or show you remember are what really tell me you love me. It was something as little as me not having to remind you to pick something up for me that threw me over the edge. I fell over the edge in love with you just because you remembered to do something!  But that’s the way love works—love celebrates the finest of details. ...more

Battling the Various Sides of Self

Sometimes my mood dictates my love for you. Depending on the type of mood I’m in, I will either be really affectionate or really distant; not on purpose ,but nevertheless it happens. I can tell when it’s happening too, but I feel as if I can’t control it. It’s like a different person is ruling my mood, my emotions, my attitude. A different, meaner person is telling my mind how to act and react. ...more

Out of Control...But in a Good Way

You make my day—you make my day better, brighter and bigger. You have a way of seeping into my core and filling me up with joy. You permeate my being and cause me to explode with delight from the inside out....more

Practicing Financially Safe Marriage

of those points are fundamental to having a healthy financial marriage. It's important to be ...more