Your childhood affects your partner, part three

We are attracted to partners who have characteristics like our parents and who relate to us as they did. For example women who as girls witnessed violence against their mothers may find themselves drawn to men with charismatic fiery temperaments who are controlling, opinionated and abusive....more

Mona Lisa's Smile   Elizabeth Gordon Barrett ...more

I’m tired. MP’s arrived.

Let me tell you how private I am today ever since -Our- lives went down hill in beautiful Hawaii in 2007. *The privacy issue ends today. Today I’m speaking out* That’s when I left Hawaii to see my family in PA and Puerto Rico, for the first time in 3 1/2 years. Even the way that I managed to get the money to leave Hawaii….was very…very….bad....more

“Don’t get used to this”

The Beginning: I noticed it really early in our relationship…...more

Celebrating 10 Years

Ummm, this Foodie Friday has nothing to do with food. And no, not yet celebrating ten years of blogging....more

Sounds like you've had a great ten years! And I can't wait to hear about your time in the Peace ...more

Romantic Marriage - an Oxymoron?

What happened to the romance in your marriage? Why is it when you look at your husband all you see is dirty socks to pick up and a yard that's not getting mowed?   It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, not that long ago really, you used to be regular little lovebirds....more

Your Panties Are Not Safe: The Scoop on Underwear DNA Tests

My mother's grandmother once gave her a piece of unsolicited advice: if you want to cheat on your husband, don't worry, just dispose of your underwear. My grandmother had her own ideas –- which she dispensed to me herself, also unsolicited –- that one should make best friends with the staff because they're the ones who change your sheets and thus know all your "comings and goings." My mother and I thought of these ideas in the same way we think of antiques: cute, if totally outdated. Outdated, that is, until an e-mail stumbled into my inbox from a a scientist friend at USC, the subject of which read: "DNA tests underwear to prove infidelity." ...more

what a disgusting and disturbing thought. I wonder what else can our panties be tested for ...more

How to Get a Happier Marriage: Dear Carrie Bradshaw, Don't Blame Marriage

I loved your voice overs and your laptop screen. Neither of us could have been so entirely shallow, really, because I've never known a shoe that wasn't orthopedic, but I liked you, Carrie Bradshaw, still. I liked you, though you've done harm. You have! The number of women I know who don't believe it's love unless it's tumultuous -- that's down to you, CB. ...more
The impact of Sex and the City on our culture is absolutely insane. But I agree completely with ...more

Road Trip Hell

Why do road trips with your husband always end up in arguments? Why are you so aggravated by the simple act of driving somewhere with your husband?   You're fuming....more

A Vindication of Love

And then, my eyes opened and love became less about the object of love and more about the Love itself. It was not whom I loved, but that I loved that became important....more