Life Before Kids: We Used to Be Like That Couple at the Movies

We used to look like them. Be like them. Leaving the dark theatre they hold hands and chat about the movie. I watch as his arm goes around her waist and he pulls her close. Following them down the wide spiral staircase I wonder what they will do now. Stop at a cafe where they will linger for hours over coffee, sometimes reading and sometimes talking? Head for an early dinner at their favourite restaurant? Maybe even go their separate ways, pressing tight against each other for a long lingering kiss before making plans to see each other again soon. ...more

Along with four other couples, my husband and I have started a monthly "gourmet" club. Last ...more

Dance Steps

The world is a buzz with wedding news this week, as the British are broadcasting a real life fairy tale for the ages.  The heir to the throne has asked a commoner to be his queen.  In the words of my local DJ, "Everyone loves a love story".   This is true.  My family is living has it's own love story.  This weekend, as people rejoice over Prince William's engagement news, my family will be rejoicing at my cousin's bridal shower.  ...more

Mr. Passive/Agressive and Menopausal Me

I know it's inevitable, after six years together we've "hit a rough patch", and I'm troubled. I know I can get over these last few weeks of eye opening non-confrontations-I'm a forgive and forget it kinda gal. In fact, I can't NOT get over stuff, even stuff I swear I will NOT LET GO just slips away from me soon as I look away.Once I catch it and drag it back around again, it's not the same powerful animal it was and I don't care to feed it and nurture it back to life. It takes too much energy and attention. He's a non-fighter....more


  I think I am going to ask one of the most frequently asked relationship questions... Can men & women really be "just friends"?I was cleaning out my phone contacts when I came across names & numbers that I hadn't spoken to in ages. There were an equal amount of girls & guys but the one thing I realized about the guys was that they all used to be my guy friends....more

Are you growing apart?

You used to be so happy together; now you feel as if you are drifting apart.  You don’t talk as easily; you don’t feel as connected.  You may even be wondering if you should stay in this relationship…...more

Cooking Club - How to Get Started

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor...more

Working from Home with My S.O.: Can it Last?

As I write, I am wrapped up in a comforter in my home office. The office doubles as the guest bedroom, so I'm propped up against several pillows, a mug of hot chocolate to my right, my to-do list to my left. Working from home has its perks, for sure. Scheduling my work around my life instead of the other way around is freeing. I never have to worry about getting a day off or if my co-workers like me. My co-worker lives with me—he had better like me....more

Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: "The Nail in the Fence: Healing Wounds"

This arrived in Dr. Romance 's e-mail: ...more

Writing Exercise—The Sex Scene, pt. II: A PassionsPath Blog

Is it “sex” or is it “porn”? How “hot” can your Romance be before it’s morphed into “erotica”?  The truth is… pretty darn hot. And maybe that’s true in life, too. (Thank goodness!)...more

Married Life- Are You In?

With the recent media coverage of celeb divorces and separations, it makes me wonder... Why do we want to get married? I have learned that everyone had a different reason. Some have settled for a companion that they can "deal" with.  Some marry for money and stability. Some marry for the sake of marrying. Some feel they have truly fell in love. Some feel they have found their soul mate. I am in the latter category....more