Sleeping with a Boyfriend: The Truth

After being in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend for a year, I couldn’t wait to sleep with him anytime I wanted. I don’t mean in that way either, but to actually sleep-sleep with him in the same bed every night. I couldn’t wait to snuggle. I couldn’t wait to have pillow talk. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep next to the person who meant the world to me....more

Date night (or day) ... It's not just a cliché!

Remember when you couldn’t wait to spend time together? Remember when you couldn’t wait to dress up, put on make up and look your absolute best for each other? Research shows that happy couples spend time together – and they enjoy it. In a recent survey, 88 percent of happy couples reported they make time for “date nights,” a time that they spend alone together, without children and obligations (Northrup, Schwartz & Witte, 2012)....more

Creating Emotional Intimacy -- It's All in the Little Things

As a marriage and family therapist, I frequently hear couples complain that their partner is unresponsive to their needs or  “is never there for them.” Sometimes a partner expresses feeling invisible or unimportant and that he or she is always at the bottom of the priority list. The partner who is being asked to be more responsive is often at a loss for what to do differently....more

Why some of us are having a love/hate relationship with our Smartphones.

With over 2.5 billion internet users worldwide and more than half of those users having membership on social networking sites, it is obvious that the Internet provides us with endless opportunities and possibilities for connecting with others. The good news is Smartphones offer us an extremely portable, convenient way to stay connected 24/7. We can text, Skype, Facetime, and instant message. So whether we are living in Boca Raton, Florida or Beijing, China, we can always feel close to our loved ones....more

Young Couples...Really Young

I cannot be the only one....who thinks it is more ridiculous than it is cute when people try to couple up your child with another youngster.  I know you've all heard it before as well, the "Oh look, those two really like each other," or "what a cute little couple they make," and I am sure, like me, you have smiled while nodding, but really the whole time your thinking how silly the suggestion is. ...more

Date Night? More Like "Boring Me To Death" Night

Dear TMH, I love my husband dearly, but our lives have gotten so boring. We are trying to save money, which does not make for fun, romantic date nights. What can we do to bring some fun back into our lives? Because watching "Homeland" isn't cutting it. Our sex life is fine. It's the rest of the time that seriously needs help. Signed,Living in Dullsville...more
Personally, window shopping wouldn't work for me because I've been on such a tight budget, and ...more

Couples Rethink Wedding Costs

Many couples are beginning to function in the real world, trading extravagant credit card weddings for an event they can actually afford. These savvy couples are beginning to run their numbers , rearrange priorities and ask questions that really matter....more