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Semantics and Secondary Growth

From the back of the line inside a trendy, suburban Starbucks, I had a vantage point to observe the scene and plenty of time to do it.A young couple stood face to face in front of me. His cream colored sweater emitted the scent of a spicy cologne. Her soft, strawberry-blond curls were tousled and the front of the locks around her face were anchored into place with a bobby pin or two....more
 @Kraken p.p.s.  I just now realized I ended my comment to @edavis with an "eh?" as well.  What ...more

You’ve Cheated, So Now What?

By CupidsPulse.com ...more

I'm Not A Sex Goddess and That's Okay

My biggest problem is getting over the sexual rejection. There's a lot of hurt still lurking under the surface. I'm terrified to initiate sex because what if I get rejected? I have it so built up in my head that it would be in the end of the world, but I need to learn to separate my past from what's happening now, in the present. Maybe someday I will be a sex kitten. But for now, I'm just a girl who had her first orgasm from oral sex at the age of 28. ...more
@Valerie Venuti Kochanowicz Yes, I do agree that there is a lot of emphasis placed on orgasms. I ...more

For Valentine’s: Blushing Seafood Chowder

What could be more romantic than sharing with your Honey a bowl of thick and creamy blushing seafood chowder on Valentines? Because I’ve been told that a way to your Lover’s heart is through his stomach; or more precisely through his taste-buds!...more
@Laine Griffin I'd much rather have feed people that like everything. Some people are allergic ...more

Does Valentine's Turn a Woman into a Despotic Venus in Furs?

He and I don't feel cherished because of the flowers he sends, the meals he makes or the little gifts that I get him. It's about the time we spend arranging those flowers in a vase, sharing those meals, and playing with those little gifts. Valentine's Day isn't about stuff and it shouldn't be. It should be about reminding ourselves that our relationships matter. ...more
It's called the playoffs, pick your sport and it lasts for weeks....more

Celebrating Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Without a doubt money can’t buy love, and money certainly didn’t buy our 30 years of marriage. We’ve seen our share of good times and bad times. We’ve seen each other through health and sickness. We’ve seen money just-enough to sustain us and poverty enough to ensure devotion and humility. For our relationship to have lasted this long, we needed to quickly adapt a short memory and increase an endless supply of compassion and forgiveness. We also discovered that friendship is just as important as being lovers!...more
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A problem with porn...

 Maybe the issue isn't all about him...http://www.dotheimprobable.com/2012/01/so-you-got-problem-with-porn.html ...more

Relationships, Weekends, and My Blended Family

Weekends are a bittersweet time for me.  On one hand they are a welcome respite to the weekday schedule.  I can tackle larger projects around the home, catch up on reading, and take time to assess scheduling and family management strategies that are in place during the week.  On the other hand, because we are a two household family and my daughters go to their dads on the weekends, I feel an underlying sadness due to missing my girls....more

Marriage Contracts: Should We Should Have Marital Term Limits?

Last year marked my ten-year wedding anniversary. I love the legal protections of marriage -- no one argues that my husband can't visit me in the hospital or shouldn't be able to pick something up for me or inherit my money. I love the psychological aspect of marriage, too -- but it's the LEGAL aspect of marriage that ups the ante societally from living together. The legal aspect is also the part that I think we should change: We should have marital term limits. ...more
I honestly think that is something that could be dealt with in a pre-nuptial agreement. Having ...more