4 Years Single, 3 Lessons Learned

 It has been 4 years since my last relationship. I have dated in this time but nothing too serious. I have lived alone for the past three years and I feel doing so, more then anything else, has taught me more about myself then ever before. There are all the reasons that every dating guru, therapist and friend will give you for being a happy single gal, so I know I don't need to give another rundown of that list. What I will tell you is what I have learned from this four year period about love, and myself:...more

Conversations from Cohabitation

Last week we were standing on our balcony watching the sunset. The sky was a gorgeous pinkish purple and the sun was bright orange, far too bright to actually look at. CB: “Why are you turning the other way?”Me: “Because the sun is too bright, I can’t look directly at it.”CB: “But it’s a sunset. You’re supposed to, you know, watch the sun actually setting.”...more

The BEST Counseling for my second Marriage was my first divorce........

 My nephew  (actually two nephews) are getting married this weekend.  One going the traditional way.  Marriage, no kids involved.  The other not, his bride to be, had a child previous that was three month old when they started dating. She got pregnant again practically instantly.  So now they have two children under 2 years old.  Heard they were getting married, heard later on this fall.  Then got a call and the wedding is this weekend.   Holy man, that is quick....more

Musings of a sex entrepreneur

Almost one year ago, I decided to take a big chance with my money, my time, my career, my relationship and, most irrevocable and terrifying, my personal brand.  I'd spent decades cultivating a certain image of respectability that, once I announced to my friends, family, colleagues and clients that I was starting a fantasy subscription service, I'd irrevocably draw a Mariah=sex in people's minds. Ultimately, I couldn't NOT do it, so I took a deep breath and announced to the world that I was now a sex entrepreneur....more

Can I take your order?

I love to people watch, because their actions always surprise me… My husband, Marc, and I were sitting in our favorite Italian restaurant.  Right after we put in our dinner order, another regular couple entered the restaurant.  This particular restaurant is small and quaint, has a very friendly owner and staff, and tends to be frequented by the same patrons week after week. ...more
@HomeRearedChef I can so picture that... and people inline at stores too I bet :)more

Caution...adult content ....Love or Lust

Have you ever thought back , to the time when it was all new and exciting? Do you feel that how your relationship start, had to do alot with how it ran its course? I dont know honestly, all I know is that during that time it was great. ...more
There is more to this story .....I will continue next weekend ...if not sooner....let me what ...more

proving your innocence through guilt

Let's first start off by saying that I am in no way a writer, or attempting to be one. I simply have found a form of release, and hopefully provide insight to those who are able to relate to my sitiuation. A year has gone by. A WHOLE YEAR! A year with a man that I am so deeply in love with. ...more

24-Hour Date

 They do exist Yes, they do exist. How do I know? I’ve had several and they are fun as hell!  What makes them so unique is that I only have a 24-hour date as counting if it’s a first date (or one super close to being the first). If you’ve been dating someone for quite a while it’s easy to plan a full day of fun things you two know you have in common. So, in my book, the 24-hour date happens spontaneously, essentially with a stranger that you just felt a connection with. ...more

I forgot our anniversary!!

I forgot our anniversary!! Wow...talk about getting caught up in life! Usually I remember these things. Actually Danny is usually even better at it (believe it or not). Usually it's the guy who forgets...but I'm this case it was both of us! I was laying in bed tonight watching Greys Anatomy, and I just realized it! It is now January and our anniversary was in November. Kinda makes me sad we missed it, but also makes me laugh that it happened :S ...more