I forgot our anniversary!!

I forgot our anniversary!! Wow...talk about getting caught up in life! Usually I remember these things. Actually Danny is usually even better at it (believe it or not). Usually it's the guy who forgets...but I'm this case it was both of us! I was laying in bed tonight watching Greys Anatomy, and I just realized it! It is now January and our anniversary was in November. Kinda makes me sad we missed it, but also makes me laugh that it happened :S ...more

How To Never Fail At Gift Giving Again

It takes far more than ten fingers to count the number of gifts my husband has given me that I have returned....more
This is a great, great post! I've picked up that book so many times, wanting to read it, but ...more

Get Over It Mr. Billionaire: Your Daughter Is G-A-Y.

Gigi Chao right, and her partner.Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images/Newscom....more

My Sex life: Somewhere between Rob & Laurie Petrie and Fifty Shades of Grey

 Is that normal?  I find myself asking that question lately.  I'm 50 going on 60 and when the subject of sex comes up with my friends it's usually how the "sizzle has fizzled".  I, on the other hand find myself exploring new adventures with my husband of 31+ years and asking him questions about how he likes what I'm doing and what pleasures him.  And he is asking me too.  And sometimes he even says things, like, "I need to get to know your body".  What?  You mean you don't know my body?...more

Thank You For Sharing Your Life With Me...

 "two people were married- the act was outrageous, the bride was contagious, she burned like a bride..." - paul sim...more

Just Roll With It....

Yesterday, we celebrated Billy's birthday. Originally, he wanted to play golf all day because he could play for free on his birthday. OK. Fine. Whatever. I have to work anyway, and I figured we could do something later in the evening. No big deal. It would allow me plenty of time to get a gift for him, since I have failed to find anything for him (aren't all men hard to shop for?). He had another idea for the day. He asked if I wanted to go out later and dance! Music to my ears!! As I drove home, excited to spend some quality "date" time with my guy, my phone rings....more

When do you "let go"?

I'm a work in progress. There's a constant battle going on inside of myself. Maybe you're going through it as well. I have a hard time identifying when to hold on to something, and when to let it go. ...more

Give me a break!


The Older Younger Woman and the Female Cub



-         T.S. Dickey, In-House Author & CommentaryAll of us had lives before we met our significant other and a summation of that life makes us who we are today.  Our habits, the way in which we communicate (or not) and the tendencies we have in our approaches to problem-solving are a direct result of the daily practice we learn when we maneuver our way through life’s experiences....more