Is Moving in Together a Good Idea?

It would be excellent if there was an equation, a check list, or some elaborate chart to complete on a spreadsheet in this post to help you determine whether it's a good idea to move in with someone. But there isn't. This is only a story about how I finally decided to take that step. ...more
Is living together an end in itself? Just asking because, if you have a different agenda than ...more

Three Interactive Ways to Spice Things up in Bed

Fall is gaining ground, but that doesn't mean things need to cool down one bit. In fact, now that summer is drawing to a close, we think it's time to take things up a notch, and here are some ideas for going about doing just that. ...more
*eyeing your wall art suspiciously*more

Sexy Homework Assignment for Two

There are so many things on our daily to-do lists that we often push pleasure and intimacy off, hoping the next day will be less hectic. Unfortunately, pushing quality time off can get a couple out of the habit of making time for each other -- and sex! Here are three assignments to get things back to speed. ...more
 @cardiolyte dear cardiolyte, you may want to try something that my husband bought us.  it's ...more

An Evening in Half Moon Bay, CA: Me & Hubby In Search of Great Food & Romance

Just me and my hubby cruising the road again—on an evening pleasure trip to Half Moon Bay, California, to the “Half Moon Bay Brewing Company”—in search of incredible food and drink, and, of course, looking to spend uninterrupted quality romantic time together. And doing what we do best. Eating!...more
@elaineR.N. We had such a good time...! My hubby wants to take me there again this weekend, for ...more

Quick preview of my screwed up uh.. affairs/relationships..

 I am only 18 and have had two guys break my heart. Four years ago when i was a freshmen I switched schools and met this guy who I thought was the most amazing guy in the world. He was sweet, looked at me with caring eyes, and was romantic. Four months after we started dating he wanted sex and I was afraid that if I said no that he would leave me just like the other two had. Ever since then our relationship has not been the same. After that he didn't look at me the same, I felt and still feel like that is the only way I can make him happy....more

Three To A Bed: A Girl’s Guide to Threesomes

as a male who isnt looking for braggin rights, the point of a threesome for me is to be with ...more

Sex Talk: Eighteen Year Itch?

For the past few months, even before the threat of lay-offs loomed, she started noticing that even though they spend the same amount of time together, less and less of it is devoted to intimacy. How do we deal with a marriage in which sex and passion start going the way of the dodo? ...more
That what starts to happen as a marriage falls apart. At 20 years the sex is non-existent. I ...more

A Road Trip to Oregon: Me and Hubby Sharing Space, Time and Food (Part 2 of 2)

The continued telling of my adventure road trip to Portland, Oregon, with my hubby, love of my life and soul mate of over twenty-nine years; of sharing space and time together—an opportunity taken to renew our friendship and rekindle the flames of romance. And without-a-doubt it was time well spent; a happy chance to rediscover Us, as we also shared table and food, savoring unique eats....more
@brucemThough it wasn't a trip to Italy and Spain or France, it was a dream come true. But it ...more

A Road Trip to Oregon: Me and Hubby Sharing Space, Time and Food (Part 1 of 2)

After twenty-nine years married, of working hard and raising a family, seeing to everything and everyone else first, we are finally taking a vacation. Just me and hubby—my partner-in-crime to all things endeavored—on a 5-days adventure road trip to Oregon: sightseeing and eating, with the opportunity to reacquaint and rediscover Us; a first-hand telling of our frivolous quest....more
@elaineR.N. I am so sorry, Elaine. LOL! You are not the only one that's had too many munchies ...more

Hey Bright Eyes

It was a crazy day.  I had tons of things on my mind. Work.  Home.  You name it.  My to-do list must have been a mile long, but I felt like you needed a magnifying glass to find my accomplishments.  I pulled into the driveway, after work, to find my husband, Marc, standing outside.“Hey!” I greeted him, with a quick kiss.  As I took some packages out of my car I said, “I have to just log onto work for a second. I need to do one thing that I forgot about.  And, I have to send a few short emails out.”...more

I don't know who I am trying to fool.. I am sure not falling for it... But,it sounds ...more