Is "Falling Out of Love" the Deathblow to Your Marriage?

Just over a year ago, I was sitting in a meeting room in the Edmond Public Library. Across from me was a friend of a friend of a friend who had been referred to me for a class assignment. He had agreed to a one hour interview over the topic of his in-progress divorce proceedings and questions related to seeking help before he and his wife finalized the process....more

Why are some men threatened by a woman’s success and/or intellect?

Some men today fear and shun a relationship with a “successful” woman. Obviously, it takes a secure man to emotionally handle being with a woman that is more highly educated, more successful, or with a greater income. And it takes an even greater man to support her morally and unconditionally. For a woman that has achieved success and position, in this day and time, means that she has educated herself and used her abilities  to the fullest—to do all and be all. It doesn’t mean that she is a better person than he is or that he is a lesser man....more
@isthisthemiddle That is wonderful advice to give your students, Melanie. It is actually the ...more

A lone wolf is a heavy burden for a woman

The first thing a woman in a relationship with a lone wolf notices about him is that he doesn't have any men friends. That's the definition of a lone wolf. Even worse though, is if his friends are all women....more

What is an authentic man?

There's lots of talk going around about authentic men. I've read articles about what it means to be an authentic man, and some point in the right direction. I have my own sense of what it means to live authentically, and when I veer from what I consider my authentic path, I invariably suffer the consequences....more

Seeing is believing

The day was endless.  Hours were spent preparing the house for the pending hurricane.  My husband Marc and I were exhausted. Muscles I didn’t know I had hurt.  But, just when we thought we were done, and that the day couldn’t get any worse, we learned we had to evacuate our house.  At that moment, we knew our work only begun, and we had hours of tasks ahead of us.Needing a break, Marc, my mom who was visiting from out of town, and I headed to a local restaurant for dinner.  As my mom and I chatted, Marc fidgeted a little with his phone....more
@victorias_view yeah.... but we have to catch them in the act.... otherwise they would never ...more

He Wants to Watch Porn Together but I Don't!

They've been together for seven years and seemingly out of nowhere, he has decided that the best thing for their sex life is to watch porn together. The problem? She gave it a shot, but instead of discovering she enjoyed it, she was assured she never wanted to do it again! What is a girl to do when our ideas of foreplay or sex aids don't match up? ...more
I have strong opinions on this article as well. I don't think all of your advice is bad or off ...more

Is Moving in Together a Good Idea?

It would be excellent if there was an equation, a check list, or some elaborate chart to complete on a spreadsheet in this post to help you determine whether it's a good idea to move in with someone. But there isn't. This is only a story about how I finally decided to take that step. ...more
Is living together an end in itself? Just asking because, if you have a different agenda than ...more

Three Interactive Ways to Spice Things up in Bed

Fall is gaining ground, but that doesn't mean things need to cool down one bit. In fact, now that summer is drawing to a close, we think it's time to take things up a notch, and here are some ideas for going about doing just that. ...more
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Sexy Homework Assignment for Two

There are so many things on our daily to-do lists that we often push pleasure and intimacy off, hoping the next day will be less hectic. Unfortunately, pushing quality time off can get a couple out of the habit of making time for each other -- and sex! Here are three assignments to get things back to speed. ...more
 @cardiolyte dear cardiolyte, you may want to try something that my husband bought us.  it's ...more

An Evening in Half Moon Bay, CA: Me & Hubby In Search of Great Food & Romance

Just me and my hubby cruising the road again—on an evening pleasure trip to Half Moon Bay, California, to the “Half Moon Bay Brewing Company”—in search of incredible food and drink, and, of course, looking to spend uninterrupted quality romantic time together. And doing what we do best. Eating!...more
@elaineR.N. We had such a good time...! My hubby wants to take me there again this weekend, for ...more