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Special Discounts for Online Shoppers

If I could share one cost-saving secret that any shopaholic would thank me for, this is it! ...more

Target Targets Pregnant Women

You're pregnant! How do you break the news? Some women buy baby balloons. If there's a child already, they can put him or her in a big brother / big sister shirt. Some women actually bake buns and put them in the oven for their partner to find (I saw this somewhere. I never would have thought of it myself.)I decided on "crying, sit down when I tell you this, oh my God, what are we going to do" approach, but I realize not everyone can be that romantic....more

Couponing: A Contrarian View

After reading yet another blog post extolling the virtues of couponing, I’m moved to present a contrarian point of view.To begin, I’ll share several factors in my life that drive my perspective on food marketing, grocery shopping and couponing—and I’ll own the fact that my situation may not be like yours....more

Groceries On A Shoestring: Couponing 101 Part 2

Once you start clipping coupons, the issue of how to use them most efficiently often comes up.  Do I buy an item I need now with the coupon, or do I wait for it to be on sale?  The answer to both of these, is yes.When you are coupon shopping, there are two types of shopping that you will be doing.  The first is called needs shopping.  Sometimes, you need a particular item that you have a coupon for, and it just can't wait.  This is a situation where it's perfectly fine to use a coupon, but you only want to buy the minimum of that item, that you need....more

Many uses for Distilled White Vinegar

The are many uses for White Distilled Vinegar. I myself have used several of these technique for many years.  Here are a few tidbits 1.  Use white distilled vinegar to clean up animal urine off floor.2.  Spraying white distilled vinegar on couch keeps your cat from scratching it.3.  For freshly painted rooms, leave an open bottle of white distilled vinegar open, this reduces the paint smell....more


Jamba Juice Coupons – January 2012 Jamba Juice Coupons – January 2012 Thirsty for cool drink this weekend at a participating Jamba Juice location near you? You can print 3 new Jamba Juice ......more

Food Prices & Hunger: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You?

I went grocery shopping the other day and came home with an empty wallet (despite growing much of our food ourselves, I might add) to read that, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, November marked the fifth month in a row during which world food prices fell. At first I was compelled to shout obscenities at the liars behind my screen, but then I noticed even they admit the statistic is misleading....more
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Organizing Your Coupons

1/1/2012 -   Organizing Your Coupons...more

Couponing Made Simple

If you are starting couponing, the first thing you need to know is that do not get a lot of news paper to start. I have been there and trust me, you will overwhelm yourself. I would get one or two.When you get your newspapers, I would seperate the coupons by pages, so when you cut them, you can page by page by coupons. I'm very organized when it comes to my coupons.I organize them from category. I'm very picky when it comes to this. If you would like to know what categories I use, please send me a message and I will help you out. ...more