Extreme Couponing: Understanding Sale Cycles and Stockpiling

If you have been following my extreme couponing series since the beginning, you'll remember that I had the hardest time wrapping my head around the stockpile. I was the woman taking cans of tomatoes out of the cart because we already had two cans and did not need two more. As I look at the large stack of canned tomatoes on my shelf today, that's hard to believe. I've embraced the stockpile and Jenny, from Southern Savers does a great job of explaining why....more
@HomeRearedChef Here's what my drugstore trips will look like this weekend. ...more

Coupons for Soldiers

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you'll remember that a few days ago I tweeted to remind you that several coupons would soon be expiring.Of course I normally don't use all of my coupons and I usually do have a good handful that expire before I use them all.Before you throw those expired coupons away, STOP and read this!  This is way cool!...more
so good to know. where to send them...anyone know?more

Shelf Clearing Controversy Kicks off Season Two of TLC's Extreme Couponing

I think I'm the only couponer in the entire world who isn't annoyed by season 2 of TLC's Extreme Couponing, which starts September 28 at 10pm (9pm CT). Not only am I not annoyed by it, I'm actually looking forward to it and I'm hoping that I can live Chatter/Tweet the shows again this year. (I know y'all loved that last season, didn't you? Didn't you?) ...more
 @An Exercise In Frugality Exactly. Well not exactly. I knew it existed but I had never even ...more

Looking for a Guest Blogger for Money Saving, Frugal Living Blog

Hi Ladies! I am in the market for a guest blogger (or two) who would be interested in sharing some frugal living tips, money saving ideas with my readers. Please check out my blog and see if you would be interested. Thanks!   Amy www.ManyMoneySaversBlog.com  ...more


  Save Money when you shop online at  25 big name stores.  print  grocery coupons and printable coupons. we have  great stores with  online only deals at  select stores.   Anna...more

New Social App Set to Help Drive Small Business Try Qwiqq Today- It is Free!

Qwiqq Poised to Help Salons, Stylists, Spas, Fitness Spur on Business:I am so proud to announce that our first Hair Salon/Stylist has posted a deal on Qwiqq, a FREE social marketing deal site in Itunes, now available.  We couldn't be more proud that a someone has decided to give Qwiqq a try. The deal was posted by Teetrand in Charlotte, NC.  If you are in that area.. check it out.  Teetrand posts:  "$25 off any color service at HCX first time clients Set up appt w/Tee" ...more

New Itunes Free Deal App- QWIQQ - Help Spur on Local Business!! Anywhere in the World! Anytime!

 Qwiqq - for the first time ever.. a mobil app that lets you find and share deals with your friends.  Help local business by encouraging your friends to try your favorite local restaurant, shop, salon, spa!   Just download the free app and start sharing with your friends and community.  ...more

New Deal Site Launches in ITunes This Week Check it Out QWIQQ

New Deal Site Launches in Itunes Store this Week.. QWIQQ.  The first deal sharing App of its kind.  No more coupons or spam deals.  Get the deals that really matter to you! Download your Free App Today and Start Sharing with Your Friends.. If you are a local shop/restaurant/salon/spa... start advertising today to your local community, build your faithful following of friends.  The more we are sharing... the more we are caring....more

My Picks for the Best Extreme Couponing Resources

I was away from my keyboard an awful lot last week, due to a family emergency. This meant that when I did have time to sit down at my computer, I did not have time to read every feed in my feedreader. Since extreme couponing wasn't high on my "to do list," I marked my coupon blogs as read and carried on -- except by doing that, I felt really out of the loop and realized that I missed reading those posts. So, I stopped and thought about which blogs would be the most fun -- and the most useful to me. I marked those that didn't make my little spur-of-the-moment list as read and carried on. ...more
Crisis lead us to develop some attitudes which will serve as our tool to be competetive in the ...more

My Coupon Binder

I've learned that organizing my coupon binder alphabetically rather than by category works soooo much better for me and therefore saves me lots more time.I file my coupons mostly by product name and I find that I can thumb right to what I'm looking for rather quickly.For example, Secret Deodorant would be filed under "S" instead of "D" and Viva Paper Towels behind the "V" tab instead of "P" for Paper Towels or Paper Products.  Get it?  Easy enough?...more
When I first began, I sorted by category. Since switching to alphabetical, it is sooo much ...more