Debt Free Spending

Debt Free Spending is dedicated to promoting a frugal lifestyle to pay down debt. We try to help visitors save money through coupons, deals, frugal living tips, etc.  We also offer a weekly giveaway on our site, and we provide debt-free lifestyle content in addition to lifestyle content....more

Things Should Cost What They Cost

I can’t coupon. I’m too stupid to coupon. It’s true. Any time I try to save myself some money - be it by using discount codes or signing up for junk mail to get a special deal - I mess it up, end up paying at least full price, and wasting hours of my time. Then I get the glorious after-effects, which usually involve five emails a day trying to entice me to buy more crap I don’t need for prices I won’t get.I even managed to mess up Groupon. Somehow I signed up for Orlando Groupon. I don’t live in Orlando....more

Winning...Paying It Forward

I have won a lot of prizes online.  And I am a firm believer in paying it forward.  There is a verse in the Bible: ...more

12-Step Couponing

They say admitting the problem is the first step to getting help.They say you have to hit bottom before you're ready for recovery.Well, I hit bottom at approximately 4:56 pm today.  ...more

You both have me chuckling! I need to develop a coupon addiction and start saving! Very envious ...more

Extreme Couponing at a Double Coupon Store

Last week I was getting excited about my vacation to South Carolina, where I'd be able to visit a grocery store that doubles coupons. Today, a week after my very first double couponing trip, I'm still excited. In fact, I'm finding it a little bit difficult to shop at grocery stores that don't double coupons -- that's not good, since I'm back in the land of no doubles. Once you get a taste of doubling, it's hard to go back. ...more

You should see her coupon binder.

BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum also blogs at ...more

Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries

[Editor's Note: Alanna Kellogg wrote this brilliant strategy post for saving money on food in 2008, predicting food prices would only get worse. Even though the post is a few years old, her tips are still spot-on, and I'm using them as I try to squeeze more out of my family's combined income. -Rita] ...more
This is exactly what I have been saying.  Thanks for making it very clear!more

Codes & Acronyms: The Language of Extreme Couponers

If you spend any time at all reading coupon blogs or forums, you might feel like the posts are written in another language. After three months of total immersion into the world of extreme couponing, I still run into an acronym or a tip that doesn't make sense to me. Let me see if I can explain some of the most confusing bits of couponing lingo for you. ...more

My sister is a coupon queen. She wakes up early to shop before she goes to work when she has ...more

How To Save Money With Coupons!!

People ask me, how do you get things for free? well, I'm going to tell you how I do it so you can too.If you want to get things for Free or at a steep discount, there are certain things that you need to make habits, apart of your daily/weekly routine such as Buy Sunday Papers for the Coupon inserts, never miss a week....more

Great couponing ...more

Queen of Coupons, I am not

Last night I was watching a show on Extreme Couponing and I was completely enthralled.These people were able to walk up to the check out lanes with over $1000 worth of groceries and walk away spending somewhere around $.06 or less.Read more HERE....more

On TLC's extreme couponing, you're seeing extreme versions of what we do every day. In fact, ...more

Extreme Couponing: What's Your Buy Price?

Confession: I still haven't created a price book, like The Mrs. Another confession: Unless someone forces me into it, I may never make a price book. That's horrible, isn't it? What kind of extreme couponer am I? I haven't made a price book and I haven't bought 100 bottles of Tums or Maalox. ...more

I have to admit that I have thought about buying it because it often seems like too good of a ...more