How To Save Money With Coupons!!

People ask me, how do you get things for free? well, I'm going to tell you how I do it so you can too.If you want to get things for Free or at a steep discount, there are certain things that you need to make habits, apart of your daily/weekly routine such as Buy Sunday Papers for the Coupon inserts, never miss a week....more

Great couponing ...more

Queen of Coupons, I am not

Last night I was watching a show on Extreme Couponing and I was completely enthralled.These people were able to walk up to the check out lanes with over $1000 worth of groceries and walk away spending somewhere around $.06 or less.Read more HERE....more

On TLC's extreme couponing, you're seeing extreme versions of what we do every day. In fact, ...more

Extreme Couponing: What's Your Buy Price?

Confession: I still haven't created a price book, like The Mrs. Another confession: Unless someone forces me into it, I may never make a price book. That's horrible, isn't it? What kind of extreme couponer am I? I haven't made a price book and I haven't bought 100 bottles of Tums or Maalox. ...more

I have to admit that I have thought about buying it because it often seems like too good of a ...more

Couponing Score!

You may know that I am stockpiling mens grooming products for Christmas.  I have five men in the family to buy for and since I can get a pretty good deal on this stuff I'd like to give them each a little extra basket of items this year. So today I went to Rite Aid.  They have Gillette Fusion Proglide power razors for $9.99 with $5 up rewards on the first two (so I bought two).  Plus I had coupons for $4.00 off each. Next they have Crest Pro-Health toothpaste on sale for $2.99, with $2 up rewards on each.  I also have $1.50 coupon for each tube. ...more

Well now I'm really looking forward to trying a Rite-Aid someday.

We have a brand new ...more

Coupon Withdrawal

Last week there were no coupons in the Sunday paper because of the holiday.  Today I am in total withdrawal and I'm ready tomorrow! How pathetic is that? I have cleaned out my binder, cleared out the expired coupons, and made it look nice and pretty for a whole new batch of coupons for tomorrow.   I can't wait to drive around to family members houses who save their coupons for me, divide them all up page by page, clip them out and file them away.  I'm ready for a good deal. I just wish I had more stockpile room....more

A Frugal Tip

Many areas of the country have local coupon deals through sites such as Living Social and Groupon to name a few.  These sites offer coupons for discounted deals on everything from fine dining to oil changes.  Are they worth it?  Depends on what you're looking for!...more

Extreme Couponing: Where Do You Find Coupons?

The question I've been asked over and over again is, "Where do you find coupons?" and I have to be honest -- I didn't really understand the question. Even before I started extreme couponing, I knew where to find coupons -- they're everywhere. I just didn't use them as effectively as I could have. Now that I've been doing this for awhile, I've decided that most of you know where the coupons are -- you really mean something else when you ask that question. ...more
ShallonCollier  Where do you live that you can't use any printed coupons? All of the biggest ...more

Extreme Couponing: Don't Be Scared of the Stockpile

I swore I wouldn't become one of those weird stockpilers when I started my extreme couponing experiment but here I am, three months later, with a nice little stockpile that I'm not only happy with but proud of. ...more

Lucky you! In your area, you'll have stores that offer double coupons which means your savings ...more

Can I Get Ketchup With That?

Sure, I get that gas prices are staggering. Food prices hitting the roof! In a word, the economy is in the toilet right about now. But, and this is a big but, there is hope on the horizon, as unemployment has fallen a bit from 9.6% to something along the lines of 8%. I know it's a mere drop in the sustainability of life, but, it's reason to keep hope alive!...more

Sometimes I feel guilty having to ask for extra napkins, but,come on, sticky fingers don't ...more


            Who doesn't love a freebie? Going the the mailbox and seeing something that isn't a bill gets my heart racing every time. There are plenty of websites out there that have links to freebies, but I have noticed that many of them are chocked full of ads, or have offers so old they are expired....more