Book review: Creative Paper Cutting by Cheong-ah Hwang Extract from 07/01/2017 post (click for full review)Full title: Creative Paper Cutting; fifteen paper sculptures to inspire and delightAuthor: Cheong-ah HwangISBN: 978 1 86108 9205...more

MADE - Tiny Paper Pumpkins

I’ve never been a big fan of wrapping my house in giant spider webs, but I have to say when those first crisp breezes of Fall begin to blow through my windows, I can’t wait to begin some serious seasonal decorating. And pumpkins....more

Craft Lake City: A Carnival of Curiosity

I'm an avid local gal. I do all things Salt Lake City. And then I write about them. You might have seen my library of local reviews floating around the internets. If not, here ya' go.Kaz's Salt Lake City Savvy ...more

10 Awesome, Easy and Edible Sensory Activities for Kids

 I don't know about you but, my two year old loves to put everything in his mouth. When I want to give him something fun to do that my 5 year old will also enjoy I love whipping up a batch of edible sensory material. It's even better when the recipe only calls for a few common ingredients and takes less than 15 minutes to create!...more

Using Turkeys For a Special Tribute on Thanksgiving

Living outside of the U.S. and having married an Italian, I work extra hard to keep up American traditions that are important to me. Thanksgiving remains one of my favorite holidays, even if it is just a regular work and school day for everyone else wherever we are. Part of that tradition is, of course, practicing gratitude. But I found that asking my children to reflect on something for which they were grateful resulted in bland choruses of "I am thankful for my family." ...more

Simple DIY Joy Memory Flip Book

SIMPLE DIY JOY FLIP BOOKSupplies needed:...more

DIY Sea Glass Dolphin

So cute!!!! I love the mix of colors and the use of the shell!more

How To Recycle Bottles to Beautiful Flower Vases!

TRANSFORMING RECYCLED BOTTLES TO BEAUTIFUL FLOWER VASESHave you ever taken the time to really look at how beautiful some bottles and jars are…especially Passata jars, coffee jars and wine bottles. This may seem a little weird, but they really are gorgeous shapes and it seems like such a waste to simply throw them in the recycling bin....more

DIY Cookie Jar Gifts

While wandering through an antique store, I stumbled upon a book for making cookie jars. It was priced at $1.50, and it had many recipes and decorating ideas that intrigued me. I bought the book and have come to discover that these cookie jars make fun and thoughtful gifts that have yet to go out of style!After flipping though the pages, I decided to try the most basic recipe: traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Most everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, so I figured it would be the perfect intro recipe. :)...more