Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival: a Wrap-Up

The Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival is a 3-day expo focused on quilting and textile arts. It takes place in several western U.S. cities throughout the year with local vendors in each location adding variation to the pattern....more

7 Reasons that Participating in Craft Shows Is Just Like Going to College

Several months ago I applied to a local arts show, thinking there was no way that I would be accepted. This has been my first year exhibiting shows, so the whole experience is very new to me, and this was the first show that I applied to that asked for a statement of my qualifications.Uh, statement of qualifications? What does that even mean? Was I even qualified? Clearly I was out of my league. ...more

Adventures of a WAHN (Work at Home Nana) | How I Decide on a Craft Show Venue

We turned in the parking lot slowing to pay the $5 parking fee. The man at the gate took our $20 bill and asked if we had anything smaller, calling my husband Big Spender. This made me giggle a little as he handed back two id="mce_marker"0 bills in exchange. As we drove away we realized he just gave us back the $20 we paid. He didn’t have change, so played it off without questions for the next guy....more