How to Apply Fabric to Furniture

Today I’m sharing with you my newest project and a new method I came up with for attaching fabric to furniture. ...more

Guest Post: DIY Outdoor Buffet Labels

To me, there is nothing more gratifying than walking out of a store with free (NOT STOLEN) merchandise. Maybe it comes from that childhood feeling of euphoria when you’d swipe a piece of candy from the grocery store.Don’t act like you never reached into the “sample” candy station without putting your nickel in first....more

The Best Father's Day Gifts are Kids Crafts! 10 Here

The Best Father’s Day Gifts are Kids Crafts (10)This is a collaberation of some of the best Kids Crafts for Father’s Day on the internet!  ...more

Thanks for Playing! Baseball themed Party Favors

May is a busy month for everyone it seems. Little league games, graduation ceremonies and parties, a little of this and a little of that. Topping everything off, Vance's birthday usually falls during Memorial Day weekend, when many folks are out of town. What I'm trying to say is, planning his birthday party is a tedious feat with so many other to-do's on the calendar. ...more

Glitter Letter Cake Topper

This has been the first year that Vaughn did not want something specific on top of her birthday cake. No Dora, no princess, no butterflies. All she wanted was a chocolate cake and something fantastic on top. Take it from me, when you're trying to impress a soon-to-be six year old girl the answer is always glitter. And the more the better....more
Thanks Denise!more

Create Easy Chalkboard Signs for Your Next Event

Photo by the Big Change ProjectChalkboard signs are a great decorative element for y...more

Make This: Little Wooden Arrows

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets Once a month at work, we have a pizza party ...more

Easy Peasy Children's Party Bags!

Need some party bag inspiration? Here’s how I created some simple, but effective party bags to satisfy not only children but also adults too. Plus they’re pretty budget friendly as well!!........more