Fun Thing: Sun Art!

DIY Heart Trinket Box

March is National Craft Month, which is all the motivation I need to get my DIY on. The last few years I've been eyeing these beautiful Jambalaya Boxes from Aunt Peaches, and when I found an old Valentine's Day candy box tucked away, I knew now was the time to make one. ...more

Valentine's Day Craft: Paper Fortune Cookies

With just a few supplies, you can make these adorable fortune cookies just in time for Valentine’s Day! They're pretty easy to make and can also be used for a Chinese New Year celebration, wedding or baby shower favors.Paper Fortune CookiesSupplies you will need:...more

Preserving Memories: Tickets, Programs & Paper Memorabilia

Do you save tickets, playbills, travel vouchers/boarding passes, etc.? Are you like me - full of great intentions for preserving memories - but just not finding the time or all out commitment to make a scrapbook for all of these memories? Well I have a quick and easy solution for you, and my version took all of 15 minutes. ...more

Easy DIY Hair Accessories Pedestal

This super easy hair accessory pedestal will have your daughter's (or your own) dresser organized in no time. ...more

Christmas Star Pallet Art

Add a rustic touch to your holiday decor with this simple Christmas Star Pallet Art....more

Elegant Christmas Decor- Easy DIY

These Christmas Crafts are so easy to make, and you’ll have a lot of the materials, already.  They’re so elegant and pretty.  Your guests will love them!I hope you find some you want to make! ...more

Bows, Garlands, and Wreaths

Bows, Garlands and Wreaths oh my:Hi friends,  did you ever wonder how to make those wonderful Bows, Garlands, and Wreaths?  I’ve been raving about Clara Nicole and Chrissy Klajder partners of She’s Crafty Too and all the wonderful designs that they are putting out this Christmas season!...more

How to Make a Letter Writing Kit for Kids

My daughter's friend just moved away, so we came up with this little gift for her....more