Who loves a Bargain and a Little Spray Paint?

Good Monday Morning!Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a pretty quiet weekend around here - just a lot of projects around the house.  We have a small break before marching band and fall lacrosse seasons start up and we are relishing the down time.  Things will get crazy soon enough....more

Mint Tin Upcycled Mini Album

Have you been snapping a ton of photos this summer? Me too. It's not the "taking" of the pictures that's tough for me... it's the What do I do with them? afterwards that sometimes gets me stuck.Here's a simple and cheap DIY idea for showing off those precious pictures. The finished project is so small... you can tuck it in your purse. And the next time someone asks you about what you did for vacation-- you can show them!...more
Hello there, Malia! Welcome to BlogHer! I just love your idea for this mini treasure box ready ...more

DIY Printable Back Pack Tags

DIY Wine Glass Shades Centerpiece

DIY No Sew Ruffled Tablecloth

When planning my daughter's 1st birthday, I began looking for the trendy ruffled tablecloths that look so stunningly cute and beautiful on tables.  However, I was unprepared for the cost- $200-$400 depending on the colors, sizes etc.  I was not willing to spend that kind of money on a tablecloth and without any sewing abilities whatsoever, I let the idea of a ruffled tablecloth stay a dream....more

DIY Printable Bathroom Rules

Going into a bathroom after three boys is not a fun experience for me. I've decided to make some bathroom rules. Maybe at night I will no longer fall into the toilet because they forgot to put the lid down or sit on a wet seat because they forgot to lift it up. Maybe I won't trip over towels left on the floor while I go to turn off the bathroom lights that they left on or maybe I won't get a little (or big) surprise when I lift the lid and see that they forgot to flush. I hope these cool DIY Printable Bathroom Rules can help my kids have better bathroom etiquette and maybe yours too....more
Ah, super cute! The only frame I have that holds a picture like your sink one is a Christmas ...more

Celebrating Olympics with Kids

The 2012 summer Olympics are taking place in London, England July 27th through August 12th. The events feature twenty six sports including swimming, basketball, track and field, cycling and gymnastics. Two hundred countries have at least one athlete competing in the games....more

Christmas in July

How are your holiday projects coming?  Yep...Christmas is rapidly approaching and if you hand craft gifts...time is rapidly running out!Have you started yet?  If not, here are a couple tips to get you started.1.  Make your gift list.  Sounds really simple, but it is necessary to write everyone down so you know you don't miss anybody.2.  Decide which on the list you are going to make gifts for and which are receiving purchased gifts....more
 @Jerrilynn You're so welcome!  See my blog just up today at: http://www.blogher.com/i-idea  more

DIY Purse Jewelry Key Catcher

DIY Silhouette Canvases