Create Easy Chalkboard Signs for Your Next Event

Photo by the Big Change ProjectChalkboard signs are a great decorative element for y...more

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets

Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets Once a month at work, we have a pizza party ...more

Easy Peasy Children's Party Bags!

Need some party bag inspiration? Here’s how I created some simple, but effective party bags to satisfy not only children but also adults too. Plus they’re pretty budget friendly as well!!........more

Easter decor has been in full swing around my house for a while now. I love all the fun things for spring and I just can't help it. These topiaries are made from supplies mostly from the dollar store. I did buy the dowels from Wal Mart for .97 cents and the pots from Micheal's for about .50 cents each. This project took me less than 3o minutes to complete....more

Friday Faves: Praising Him Creations

Friday Faves: Praising Him Creations I love a pretty wreath on a front door. I live for Christmas, Easter and football season so I can put something on the front door. I adore something that I can leave up all the time or change out certain aspects to make it seasonly appropriate!...more

How to Silver Leaf a Mirror Frame

Have you ever tried silver or gold foil? Also called silver leaf, it's an easy and dynamic way to bring some shine and texture to your next makeover. I've seen it used on furniture, in art and on crafts—and today I'm going to show you how to silver leaf a mirror frame....more

Doggy Style

Want to try something different? Is this you? I can't knit another sweater, I won't sew another quilt and I hate scrapbooking. Many times I hear craft freaks cry about not being able to get TURNED ON. They have become bored with their regular projects and want to experiment with something different. So, desperate crafters....... how about designing clothes and other accessories for pets?...more

Ladies, its okay to fake it!

Many dollmakers like to design dolls with curly, straight or frizzly locks. Doll wigs and doll hair can be expensive and the choice of hair styles is limited.So, ladies ...take a trip to the infamous dollar store, you know that place, where one can find everything from size 42 ladies panties to 10 pounds of stale cookies for just a dollar!...more