Ice Cream Birthday Bubbles: Non-Edible Classroom Treats

I'm in full birthday prep mode for Vaughn's birthday on Friday. Staying busy is an excellent way to not let those my baby is turning 5 thoughts creep into your head. Hmmm...changing the subject quickly, let's talk about classroom treats! ...more
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Fragrant Lavender Glitter Jar

I recently bought dried lavender buds and decided to get crafty with a jar and some glitter to make a beautiful lavender jar.  Not only does it look pretty but it also smells awesome too.  It is so easy and fun to make and the great thing is that most of these things can be found in the dollar store....more

Fun with Flowers and Foreign Languages

I'm all about Everyday Language--learning and using world language words in everyday contexts to show kids that learning can happen anywhere AND it can be fun, too!  Take a look at this simple project and see how easy it is to connect language and culture with a fun family activity.Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to get inspired than to create bunches of fun flowers to decorate your home.  These quick creations don't need water, sun, or plant food--just a little folding and twisting to make a neat bouquet!...more

Free Printable Herbal Hang Tags

Download and print these cute herbal hang tags made by me here at Dina’s Designs Graphics.  Click the link below which will give you the .pdf file from which you will be able to print the tags easily. You will need a program like Adobe Acrobat to open the .pdf file. ...more

Make it Yourself: Crochet Hello Kitty Hat Pattern

Okay crafty crochet friends - you asked nicely and now I'm going to give you what you want - a free pattern for the crochet hat that resembles a certain popular cartoon kitty named "Hello"....more
so super cute!!! I love hello kitty! For more easy DIY activities check out please check out my ...more

Creative Yankee turned Country

I was until the age of 13 a very rockin Yankee who did not care one flip about the south of being a part of it when my mother very firmly announced we were moving to the smallest town in tennessee , I was sure death would shortly follow. Little did I know this was all part of God's masterplan for me....more

Are Pinterest Valentines Making Us Devalue Our Kids' Ideas?

Rumor has it that Valentine's Day is this week. I know this because my Instagram feed is full of the craftiest, shiniest, glitteriest, cutest-saying-est Valentines I have ever seen. Anne at Floral Showers decided to go with the heart-shaped melted crayon craft for her daughter to give out, complete with a cute little saying that she found online. Her daughter had a different idea, but scrapped it when Anne raised an eyebrow. It got Anne thinking about many things we teach our kids about giving and their own ideas. It's definitely a must-read for this holiday. ...more
Eh.. Anything you do with your child is an EXPERIENCE for them. Their way.. your way.. who ...more

Burlap Wreath

Time for me to make a new wreath. I mean, I have to keep up with my wreath a month habit. I admit, I am addicted to making wreaths. They are just so easy to make and can brighten the front door. My door needs to be brightened up right now. I hate when all of the holiday decorations come down. I fee like my porch and front door look naked. So, time to snazz it up. You will need: 2 yards burlap1 yard different color burlap1 wire wreath formhot glue gunbuttonsribbons ...more

Me Time

When I finished my homework this past Sunday, I picked up a craft project.  It seems I haven't had time for them in ages and I needed to create something.Why?  Because creating something beautiful feeds your soul.  It calms your mind as you work and brings about a zen-like state.  You also get an immense feeling of satisfaction when you view and hold your completed project....more

Chic and Simple Holiday Home Decor

I was excited when I was asked to be a part of BlogHer's Getting Noticed This Holiday editorial series. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. Then, I realized that what gets me noticed are my outside-the-box Christmas touches, ideas that require very little money, but make me smile, and inspire others. ...more
so sparkly and fancy without ruining your wallet :)more