I'm an Idea Person

Ironically if you asked me if I was a “creative” person, I’d instinctively say, “no!” I am continually spewing ideas. I presume they come from the same part of my brain which generates my verbal diarrhea and while it’s easy for my brain to “storm,” it’s harder for it to filter and drain and even harder still to implement. ...more

Circular Thinking : A Feminine Experience

Most men think in straight logical lines, at least the men in my life do.  They shake their heads at my thought process which I call circular thinking.However I believe that some of the best thinking is circular.....more

Creativity linked to more integration in the brain

A new study that's been published in "Creativity Research Journal" (did you know there was such a thing?) indicates that creativity may depend on just how linked your brain is.The scientists who did the study refer to this integration as "mind-brain development" and say that people who have more integration are alert, curious in learning and "disposed to see the whole picture." They also say they're unselfish, emotionally stable and "think in wide circles."...more

My Soup Addiction!

 My newest soup creation:Spicy Chunky Organic Chicken Soup:...more

Learning to be Creative

BlogHer – NaBloPoMo – March 2014Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Do you feel like you reveal too much of yourself on your blog? Do you think you hold back too much?~~~~~~~~I think I reveal too much of myself on my blog, especially when I first started blogging. I have learned to let my pain come out in fictional short stories, rather than post a ‘rage’, hurt, or use my blog as a journal/diary. This has helped me learn to be more creative, thus a better writer....more

Researchers figure out how to measure creativity

It was only a matter of time.A neuroscientist and his team of researchers say they have a reliable test to measure creativity and it's a pretty simple one.Using single spoken words, researchers administered a two-minute "noun-verb test," asking 193 participants to "respond creatively with a verb" when shown a series of nouns - all while inside an MRI machine.The example they give is that when the noun is "chair," a creative answer might be "stand" (as in, stand on the chair) instead of the typical "sit."...more

The Best Part about being Furloughed

Today is day *EIGHT* of the government shutdown.  Although I am not excited about the reduced paycheck, I have enjoyed the time off.  I have been sleeping in, and I have laid around in my jam-jams for hours.  I’ve actually eaten the food I bought at the grocery store, which is a novel enterprise for me. I know I shouldn’t be enjoying the shutdown.  I should be mad at Congress and questioning my “non-essential” status at work.  But, I’m doing neither of these things.Honestly, for me, this whole thing hasn’t been so bad....more

The Creative & Classy Bridal Shower

We recently attended the bridal shower for one of our matchmaking couples.  This event was so special to us because we really adore the bride and groom.  They are both great individuals and make a wonderful couple.  While the focus of such an event is on the bride, we have to mention the amazing food, décor and extras that went into making this party so memorable.  The warm color scheme set the tone for a lovely ladies lunch....more

A New Pledge

After running around like a crazy person yesterday, I've come up with a new pledge.Starting today, I will take at least thirty minutes three times a week to work on a craft project.I have determined that I need something to feed my soul.  I have been so incredibly busy with life that I've forgotten to take those few minutes to create something beautiful.  It's necessary, and I've been neglecting it....more

whatever your heart desires

What do you really want? What is your heart's deepest desire?These are questions I have recently asked myself, and when I try to think of the answer, I can only come up with another question.How do I know what my heart's desire is?I'm learning, little by little, that to know your heart, you have to quiet your mind. Your mind is quick to pass judgements and make assumptions. Sometimes your heart is too soft and sensitive to your mind's opinions, that it may just numb itself. I think that's what happened to me....more