Poetry in Motion : Haunted

Those wordsthey keep playingover and overin my mind.I must have played that songa thousand times.Words so powerfulyet somehow...more

Bye bye Orkut...

Source : Google ImagesDate : 29th Sept 2014, 11.15PM It seemed like a usual day....more

Let's Go Home


My moment of fame...

"Who is she ? A fan or an ex-flame ? I jumped at the headline. But the colorful picture below it made my day. The first page of my morning newspaper had never felt so heart-warming. It made me feel elated....more

If I Could Crawl Between the Skyscrapers

(Because I was feeling too lazy to write a post last night, this is a post from my old blog that I've repurposed here today.)...more

NaBloPoMo February 2014: Day 5: Explain blogging to an alien without using the word blog in your explanation!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014: You meet an alien and need to explain to it blogging. Explain what blogging is (and what blogging means to you) without ever using the word "blog.""Greetings, I am very wary about your kind, but you seem like an approachable individual." "Hi, um, hold on a sec, let me finish blogging, then I can talk properly."  ...more

I want to know...


A Perfect Life


My birthday gift

My birthday gift ...more