How to Find Creative Topics for Blogging

Blogging is really fun, even if you do not enjoy writing that much.  You can easily express your ideas without too many constraints of literacy.  Not that you will create a piece that is painful to even try to read, but it is a place where you can drop your ideas as they come to mind.  If you have found a passion and you want to write about it, blogging is a great way to express your feelings and thoughts on it.  Or maybe, you have started a blog just to write the mere thoughts of your mind on any topic to be named.  ...more

How Yoga Can Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

What can yoga sessions do to improve your creative writing skills? Let’s find out more about that in this article.To help keep your sanity intact on days you find it difficult to write, do a round of yoga first.Sounds like an absurd suggestion, eh? Not really. Various research materials have explored the link between yoga and creative writing – some are scientific and technical in nature, while some are well, practical and easy to understand....more
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3 Effective Ways to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Do you have a writing ritual? A "get me started" routine that you do before you actually get down to the nitty-gritty? Most bloggers and writers have adopted effective writing rituals, even if they aren't aware that they have been formed. Others, or aliens as I call them, just sit down and write when they have time. They just plop on down, crack their knuckles and write their lovely souls away like that's natural. Where are you from, Mars? For the rest of us, writing rituals are actually a great way to kick-start your writing. ...more
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Nov 13 - To My Beloved Characters Redux+

Caption: I couldn't find one of characters shoving each other, name-calling and making death threats while demanding attention and declaring that their story was more important... so this is like the G rated version of how the R rated version really works. Blame Google images.To My Beloved Characters,Know this......more

Buyer, Beware?

 Today is day three of NaBloPoMo and already I feel like I don't have anything to write about. When this happens from time to time I'll be using the Daily Post prompts for inspiration. And I do need some inspiration today....more
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Last November was life-changing for me.   My dreams and goals took a whole new turn.  My confidence in my own ability to accomplish something huge was strengthened in a big way. I pushed myself physically and mentally further than I had in years - and discovered (remembered?) that there's something very satisfying in that.  I found a very special way to connect with both of my daughters. November became my favorite month of the year....more


Afraid to look at the car, yet consumed by a morbid curiosity, her eyes swept over the smashed body and peered inside.   Bloodied glass everywhere.  His blood!  The news broke that very day.   After lingering in hospital for several hours, he succumbed to his injuries.  A night of drunken carousing and life was over at age 21. How fortunate for her they had parted ways the month before. She could well have been a passenger in that vehicle of death!  Ironically, she was just learning to drive....more

Poetry in Motion : Haunted

Those wordsthey keep playingover and overin my mind.I must have played that songa thousand times.Words so powerfulyet somehow...more

Bye bye Orkut...

Source : Google ImagesDate : 29th Sept 2014, 11.15PM It seemed like a usual day....more