Confidence and Creativity

When my son was very little we belonged to a neighborhood playgroup.  It was all mothers with their toddlers and we met once a week.  My son, Matthew was a very early reader.  He actually could read at 18 months.  Many don't believe this possible but it was the case with our son.  He was fascinated with letters and numbers and while other boys were playing with trucks, he was watching his "Colors, Shapes and Counting" video for the 1oth time that day.  A few other mothers in the group were catty about my son's ability.  They would make faces behind my back...more

November Notes, Day 5

"The Joy of Painting" I have tonight off of work because I was supposed to go to a painting class.It was cancelled.I am very bummed. I've been doing classes at the local gallery for over a year now....more

Drift To Create

 Remember the creative process I touched upon in my post yesterday? Today, I'm talking about stage 2 of this process : incubation. You've been trying hard to solve a problem, get some ideas for a project, finding that missing piece that will make your art work complete, move forward with that article you must write.......You've prepared yourself for this creative task, but it still isn't coming together....more
Artist date. never heard of that before. Thanks for bringing it to my knowledge.more

Take Care of Your Animal

Mike Robbins10/29/2015...more

The Great Netflix Conspiracy

Book Review: The Gifts of Imperfection

"Self-doubt undermines the process of finding our gifts and sharing them with the world. Moreover, if developing and sharing our gifts is how we honor spirit and connect with God, self-doubt is letting our fear undermine our faith."...more

The Beginning of a Blogger

I had an interesting start to life. I was born living with old people. Raised by my great-grandmother, I was always an “Old Soul” and pondered life a little differently than the other children. Everything in my life was recorded into journals, scraps of paper, and mental monologues.  I wrote everything down, storing them in boxes for someone in the future to find and read....more

There’s No Such Thing as a Single-Disciplinary Artist

I’ve never met a single-discipline artist.Every creative person I know says things like, “Well, I’m a writer. But I also sing in a choir and play bass guitar and drums and embroider and do needlepoint but I don’t do counted cross-stitch anymore and of course everyone in my family loves to cook and did I mention that I also clog dance?”Like I said, you’re good at a lot of things.And then there ’s the artistry that you bring to your everyday life....more

Lost your Inspiration? It Might Be Where you Least Expect It…

When I was 13 years old, I wrote a book called, My Life in 15 Years. It was a 30-page clip-art riddled manifesto, detailing every element of my future 28 year old life. It included such predictions as:...more

Coding Apps and Sites for Your Youngsters

 Coding? What's that and why do I need to get my kids apps for coding? Good question! Remember secret code fun when you were a kid? Remember making up codes with your BFF and using it to write encrypted messages back and forth? Messages no one else could read? A=1, B=2, C=3. I think that's where we all started. Old school coding....more