15 Creative Ways For Children To Express Gratitude

According to numerous scientific studies, gratitude is one of the most important ways for us to get a happiness boost and provides us with so many wonderful psychological, physical, and interpersonal benefits. It improves our health, reduces stress, and helps us focus on the positive. Stepping back and being thankful for what we have gives us energy, inspires us, and transforms us. It helps us realize that life is truly a gift....more

Want to be More Creative? Try Coloring

At the end of the week you’re finally ready to tackle a blog post, short story or newsletter, but when the blank page appears on your screen you’re suddenly stumped for creativity. You’ve been working hard all week on your business and it’s hard to shift your brain to its creative side. How do you keep your creativity booming in the midst of the busyness of work and life?...more

Should You Self-Edit?

In a word, "Yes!"That's not to say that you won't need a professional (or at least semi-pro) editor at some point in the writing process. But in order to get your manuscript – anything from a blog post to a novel – ready for a wider audience, you need to give it a good edit.Proofreading. Of course you're giving your manuscript a good proofreading. Aren't you? Proofing is the stage when you catch errors of spelling, punctuation, typos, and some simple grammar flaws (such as subject-verb agreement). Anything more complicated than that is copy editing....more

Why I Write

Writing is not the way I would typically be creative, but it has become my only outlet. I come from a background of theatre: performance, directing, and producing. I did everything from improv to musicals to Shakespeare. Theatre was never my full-time gig; I was getting paid, but never enough to quit my day job. So when I found myself with a high-risk pregnancy, it all had to change. ...more

Does Social Media Improve Creativity?

Social media tends to receive a lot of negative publicity. It's not surprising that many artists and creators seem to think that Facebook, Twitter and the like are the new antagonists, threatening to ruin creativity. The root of the fear seems to be anything from the distracting aspect of social media to the fact that it's lowering audience attention spans. Could it be, however, that we're merely clinging too tightly to the past and refusing to see the benefits that social media brings to the creative world? ...more

Creative Me

 “There is no greater agonythan bearing an untold story inside you.“Maya Angelou...more

What a Year It Was: A Reflection on 2015

Following up on my last post, I wanted to share the process that I went through to reflect on 2015. It was a big year for me in more ways than one, so I knew I wanted to do a more deep-dive reflection on the year than I ever had before so I used Susannah Conway's Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook....more

The Great Netflix Conspiracy

The creator's of Netflix believed they were doing the world a favor when they punched the sky with their "I've got an idea" finger; they didn't consider their thoughtlessness when making this entertainment continuously available. They didn't think about the collateral damage. They didn't realize the adverse effects on creatives, who should be poured into their craft - not poured into How To Get Away With Murder....more
LineJacque Oh yes...Breaking Bad - that certainly stole MANY precious hours from my life!!! But ...more

Practice doesn't make new

There are a lot of things we practice in our household (like politeness and shoe tying), because - after all - practice makes perfect. That is not a phrase my son likes to hear. He (like most children) gets frustrated when he is unable to master something on the first try. We've all been there....more

Art with the Kids, Part 3 - Printmaking!

I love printmaking! It's kind of like painting, kind of like collage, kind of like sculpture. The tools are special and exciting. And, I've never found a kid yet who didn't just love printmaking, too. So, let's get started!...more