Where does Creativity Fit into Safety?

A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 “leadership competency” of the future, and one of the most crucial factors of future success. With this wholehearted pursuit for creativity in business and elsewhere, what is the impact on the safety of those who create it? Creativity on a larger scale promotes the art of ‘risk-taking’, which is essentially the antithesis of what ‘safety’ implicates....more

The Perfection Monster


Imprisoned In A Left-Brain Life

I've become aware, lately, of a strange paradox that exists in our society....more

On the Power of Words and Speech Acts

When you are walking with a friend and you say “I see a hummingbird,” your statement is not in itself the act of seeing, is it?  In this case the words are a description of something that just happened - an act, performed with your eyes in concert with your attention, brain, nervous system, and a set of unconscious agreements you have with the rest of the world about what we call a hummingbird and what we call seeing. ...more

Using Your Camera in Business

Creative Sabbatical

I always have so many ideas flitting round my mind and various artistic projects on the go that there are times that I feel I might burst with the frustration of not having enough time in the day to do them all. I realised I was in danger of creative burn out...Creative Sabbatical ...more

The Writing Process: A self-interview (or why it took me six weeks to write this post)

My good friend Sarah Stevenson* invited me to participate in this writing process blog tour a while back.Actually, it was a month ago.Wait, it was actually about six weeks ago.So, yeah that's my writing process in a nutshell--I guess we're done here, right? Kidding. But procrastination is a big part of it, obviously....more
Great! Thanks for sharing this. It feels good to know an Actual Writer, which you are, struggles ...more

Your Life As Art

Art is a HUGE factor in all I am and do.  I enjoy creating it.  I enjoy visiting galleries and admiring it!   For years I studied it, and consider getting a degree about collecting it. It inspires my coaching practice, as I nurture the inner artist in each of us....more

Is the universe really giving you a sign to quit what you love?

Last month I went to an art opening. When one of the men I spoke to there found out I was a writer he told me about how he had loved writing when he was in his early 20s and had wanted to be an art reviewer, yet he received a sign from the universe that told him to go in another direction. When I asked him what the sign was that made him stop writing, he told me this story:...more

How do you feel creative?

  As I write this I’m still pumped from last week’s turnout to my new online course.Thirty-nine students signed up two days after I launched Writing the Body—Awaken to the Body’s Wisdom and Connect to Your Creative Source.  Speaking of creativity…...more