Who Owns Who? Thoughts on Grand Rapids

I just stumbled across a link to the destined-to-be-viral Grand Rapids LipDub of Don McLean's American Pie.(An article about why 3,000+ people came out to make this video, here.) ...more

I was curious about it and someplace in the 4th minute I understood about just what they have ...more

I Love Our Chances

    Why they are pros: http://www.wimp.com/barehand/(23 sec)   I connect women with their purpose and support them in...more

Gardening Re-inspires Old Creativity

I am not a gardener. Somehow, that particular skill was not passed along in my family. The only gardening activity I remember was my sisters and me sitting on the front lawn with our parents on hot summer evenings, pulling weeds, with the promise of a trip to 31 Flavors keeping us motivated. Later, as teenagers, we sometimes shoved the old push mower around that same lawn, but that was about it....more

They are beautiful!!! Good luck with the gardening!!more

Wonderfully Unforgettable

Here's to final chapters and fresh pages. Happy High School Graduation Stevie, I am honored and grateful to be able to share this journey with you. Kindness is success....more


  "Don't cry for a man who's left you, the next one may fall for your smile."~Mae West   I connect women with their purpose and support them in the ful...more

Living Gently On Purpose

There are 3 levels of purpose: personal, professional and global. My personal purpose is to learn the lessons of my soul in this life, my professional purpose is...more

Tap Into It

    Calmness is a conscious choice....more

You Are Always On My Mind

  You and your creativity that is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWTeSvCOFyE (1:23)   I connect...more

Drill, Baby, Drill

This Sunday’s NY Times illuminated the growing trend in early learning. Kumon is a Japanese import in the form of a tutoring franchise which has, of late, focused its attention on reading and math skills for pre-kindergarteners from ages 2 to 5. In New York City, enrollment in Junior Kumon has grown tremendously. The cost is from $200....more

My first 4 children did not attend preschool, I was a stay at home and enjoyed having them ...more


    "Language exerts hidden powers, like the moon on the tides." <...more