20 Places to Draw Blogging Inspiration

Feeling in a blogging rut? Cup of Ting has a blog-storming (brainstorming + blog = blog-storming) list of 20 places to draw inspiration for your next post. Sometimes it's as simple as moving where you're writing (have laptop will travel) and sometimes you need to return to a favourite book or song and remember why it inspired you.  Asking the simplest question on Twitter: "what are you doing today?" may spark the post that you're in the mood to write. ...more
I feel naked if I leave the house without my trusty notebook.  A writer never goes anywhere ...more

Don't Demure! Share your natural talents with the rest of us.

Some people demur about a "natural" talent? Pity, that. I have come to believe it is a simple lack of humility. This is all kinds of ironic because what those who hide their lights beneath a bushel are really hiding behind is a misunderstanding of what “humility” really means. ...more

Creative sharing website launched!

Over one year in development and www.miativity.com ("My creativity.  Shared.") has launched! We are a creativity sharing website with social networking features that can be used by people of all ages and is safe for kids. Share your unique visual and literary creative works (ie, drawings, paintings, collage, photography, stories, poems, etc.) in a personal Gallery; gather favorite works by other users in your Collection (thus making yourself curator of your own virtual museum space); and link to and message privately with other account holders....more

Questions on creative self-confidence

When you refer to yourself as a writer, a photographer, an artist, a creative person - do you ever feel like a fraud? Like you're willfully labeling yourself with something that you desperately want to be true, but that may not actually apply to who you are? Mark Twain said, "Comparison is the death of joy." How do you walk the line between appreciating others' work, even learning from it, without allowing comparison with your own to creep in and cast a shadow over any satisfaction or joy you might feel? ...more
@grneydcntrygirl You are not alone... I am in the same boat!more

Does Winning the Powerball Trump Miativity.com?


The Serious Stakes of Play

I recently read the book Delirium. In this book, love is a disease. When you turn 18, you undergo a procedure to be immunized to it. Along with a loss of love, this procedure also takes away your passion. Afterwards, many people lose interest in old hobbies, don't bother keeping in touch with old friends, stop noticing beauty. Sounds an awful lot like real-world adulthood, doesn't it? ...more

The Artist's Way

Throughout the years I've known of several friends who have worked through The Artist's Way (by Julia Cameron), a twelve-week program which ...more

3 Easy Steps to Long-Term Creative Fitness

You don’t just show up on race day and run a full marathon without training.You’re not likely to be able to finish, and it would be both painful and unhealthy. Rather than reaping the health benefits of regular running, you end up sore muscles, blisters, and maybe even stress fractures. We all know how it’s done: When preparing for a marathon, you start small and train over time, building to where you can take on hose 26.1 miles....more

You Are Not A Machine. Why Think As If You Are?

“I’ll add it to the queue.” “Get those wheels turning.” And one of my recent favorites: “Do you have the bandwidth to take on this new project?” What do these phrases have in common? They all refer to human beings in machine terminology. ...more
What a great article!  I fully believe I'd be more productive if I had more downtime in my off ...more

Happy World Creativity & Innovation Week! Or, Insights on Creativity from Adobe

It’s World Creativity & Innovation Week! This annual event is a celebration that acknowledges, informs, inspires and encourages people to use their creativity. This year, it runs April 15-21, but the WCIW blog runs year-round to offer creativity news and insights....more