Tears Turn Men Off: Boo Hoo Hoo!

The Man Ray photo of a woman with thick mascara and tear drops scattered on her face caught my attention. The headline in the New York Times ("In Women’s Tears, a Chemical That Says, ‘Not Tonight, Dear’") made me roll my eyes. Before I endeavored to read about this most important scientific finding, I wondered, "Who paid for this?" At a time when budgets are being cut around the world, and human needs for basic amenities are rising, someone thought it was a good idea to study if women's tears turn men off? The waste of resources makes me want to cry. ...more

I agree with you--this is a seemingly very contrived study. Aside from the strangeness in ...more


Hubby and I have had our first taste of that part of parenthood dreaded almost as much as the birds and bees talk... colic....more

How Much Do You Care - About Yourself?

One of my neighbors commented on how time has flown by because my boy is already two.  She said, “Gosh, it seems like yesterday that you were pregnant!”  I said, “I know!” and smiled.  Then, I looked down and realized that I was wearing the same “lounge” pants and hooded sweatshirt that I wore around the neighborhood when I was pregnant.  Now I don’t believe that she thought the same thing about my clothes (but if she did, I’ll beat her up), but regardless, I felt sheepish....more

Meet Your New Boss. He's Angry.

Owning Emotions: The Compulsion to Comfort

By Joy MazzolaWho doesn’t love a good cry? Turns out a lot of people don’t. Of course, there are safe spaces where we can own our tears … workshops, retreats, support groups, the Pink Posse. But there is still much of the world where the sight of someone crying will send an entire room into a silent panic....more