The Nearly Insurmountable Fence

At the close of a whirlwind 11.5 hours of being on the Assembly Floor today I had a lot to think about. There is much talk about the length of membership as a delegate or on the board, and I sometimes am saddened that I am so new to this space... I wonder if I am "less than" for not being here for 20 years. In listening to our president (Tlingit and Haida) speak today it reminded me of my own story, and made me proud of a leader who believes in saying yes, and has a passion for the people of his community....more

When Your Most Promising New Hire Candidate Turns Out to Be Sexist

As far as one’s standing in the tech community goes, Laura Roeder has done very well for herself by any standard. As the founder and CEO of Meet Edgar, she’s established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media platform integration and synchronization. It’s easy to envy someone who’s so successfully and so quickly made her mark on the tech industry....more

On Being Ourselves, Whoever That Is

I Refuse To Hide My Food

Growing up, my parents were fairly poor. In order to take us out to little things like the fair every summer, my parents would go hungry and take food with us to feed my sister and I. Doesn't sound like a big deal; I mean, they were still taking us to the fair. But they did that so that we could have as good a childhood as possible. When I moved away for university, I got all my mom's recipes and took a whole bunch of Indian spices and cooking equipment with me. But I never used them....more

South Asian Women: Bamboo in a Hurricane

It is sometimes hard for Westerners to understand why Eastern women are the way they are. They want to know why we don’t just walk away from what seems like a situation we should just walk away from....more
MichelleG.Lathe hank you! Yes it would definitely apply to them, I think it is most certainly an ...more

Righting the Balance: It Doesn’t Stop Here | The Call for More Female Diversity is Loud and Strong

Any woman will tell you that there’s a long way toward equality for women—be it in Hollywood, the boardroom or the art world....more

Halloween Costumes & Cultural Appropriation

Slice of my life here in Costa Rica


6 Simple Rules For Enjoying A Tokyo Sojourn

My family and I spent the summer in Tokyo, and the experience was a real jim-dandy.  On top of being a kick-ass new cultural experience for the kids, the whole trip was one colossal brain teaser for me [something my semi-atrophied, middle-aged melon could use, albeit in smaller doses.]In hindsight, I could've benefitted from a bit more advanced planning and research.  So here I am, to share some tips about getting the most out of an extended Tokyo stay.DO:...more