The Cure for Social Media Misery: Communicating in Person

Social Media rules, right? It rules our every day. It's the foundation of our daily routine. We're never logged out. And, that being the case, we don't, we can't, seem to unplug ourselves from the idiosyncratic patterns of our fellow man.Sure, we tolerate it with our families, and some friends, but from acquaintances? It's downright annoying....more

Bridging the Interracial Adoption Gap

It’s no secret: I’m a white Mommy of a brown Baby. Just ask one of the jackasses who randomly stop Ana Lu and me to ask, “Is she yours?”...more

A quick London round-up

At London’s Transport Museum, Covent Garden, you can see the exhibition of posters brought together under the umbrella title ‘Poster Art 150′.  It’s on until January 5th – more details at

Curse of a Difficult First Name

If I could change my first name to anything I want, I would choose something common and easy to pronounce, but memorable enough to match my personality.  I have an ethnic first name that has two syllables.  Any person with a first grade education should be about to pronounce it correctly, or repeat it back to me when they ask how to say my name.  I gave up on correcting people about 40 years ago.  I have to pick my battles.  If I only see or talk to someone once in a lifetime, they can call me anything....more

Get It Together America

It's funny, I never expected that moving abroad would make me feel more American, but it has.  Here in Spain, I often find myself having to defend American culture to people who only know what they've been told or shown by the media. As you can imagine, it's not always well rounded.  In fact, it's often wrong....more

Weekly Wishes

 Happy Monday Everyone!...more

Do You Wish You Had a Different "Born-On" Date?

Have you ever felt that you were born at the wrong time? Perhaps you're obsessed with Victorian England or medieval times. Do you feel more of a kinship with Joan of Arc than Joan Jett?...more

Autistism v/s Asshats

As those who read me regularly already know, my eldest daughter is on the Autism Spectrum. Lilo has Asperger syndrome and it shows. Granted, it shows less than it did before we modified her diet and got her into occupational/social therapy for it … but it still pops up....more
Very upsetting. I wonder what the person is thinking about the letter with so many people upset ...more

The Consequences of Our Non-Actions

Y’all, the number of reported assaults by cops on black people for the heinous crime of BEING BLACK depresses the crap out of me. They handcuffed and choked a 14 year old black kid who was holding a puppy because he looked at them funny. They handcuffed and threatened a black firefighter for waving at them....more