Hard Telling: Sorting Out International Adoption

It's interesting that, on the one hand, the U.S. government is tied in knots about children seeking refuge on our southern border and, on the other, is facilitating the adoption of thousands of children from dozens of countries by American families....more

Cultural Celebration Without Discrimination

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The Day My Third World Self Put My First World Self In Its Place

I was washing a few dishes and enjoying the cold water gushing out from our faucet when from out of the blue, I was reminded of those years in the Philippines when we had a water crisis and some form of water rationing was done in most urban areas. I don't know why I had the thought, but I was suddenly reminded of those days when I would turn on the faucet and nothing would come out of it.  So then I thought to myself, "Oh, I'm using too much water; better turn the faucet down and save some water!" ...more
AlinaZavatsky Living in the First World has really spoiled me too, Alina.  But like you, and ...more


As Og sat he pulled up the holographic bulletin board, and pulled his favorite laser pointer from his shirt pocket.  It was made to resemble a light saber from the movie “Star Wars” and was one of the few culturally relevant objects he treasured from Earth.“Red.” Og voiced, and the word materialized on the screen.Everyone at the table sat silently, waiting for Og to continue.“What do you think of when you hear the word “Red?”...more

Book: Karma Gone Bad

The first thing my interpreter told me when my husband and I arrived to GuangZhou, China with a 4-year old boy was the fact that I should organize my schedule to visit the various international schools that were in the neighborhood. Back in 2009-2010, Tian-He district was a hot location for expats from all countries and we ended up there, as well....more

Philadelphia: Northern Liberties Food Tour

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Day Trip Series: Providence, Rhode Island

In continuation of my day trip series, let me tell you about Providence, Rhode Island.  First, a few words of advice:   If the city you plan to visit is within three to four hours away, it may be best to schedule one really wonderful activity that interests you, instead of trying to squeeze several activities into your schedule....more
Oh I love Rhode Island and the whole North East.......You describe them all perfectly...more

Crosspost: Women's Receipt Books

In today's entry from The Great Plains Diaries of Harriet E. Whitcher, Hattie mentions working on her receipt-books:...more

The Cure for Social Media Misery: Communicating in Person

Social Media rules, right? It rules our every day. It's the foundation of our daily routine. We're never logged out. And, that being the case, we don't, we can't, seem to unplug ourselves from the idiosyncratic patterns of our fellow man.Sure, we tolerate it with our families, and some friends, but from acquaintances? It's downright annoying....more