An Invisible Illness Becomes Visible

I finally understood why Sandy cut herself....more

I Confess: I'm Still Cutting Myself

As I wrote last August, I do a form of self-injury, involving squeezing my pores or picking at my skin to the point it bleeds....more
AmySprague Thank you for sharing about your experience.  I tend to call it "self-injury" or ...more

Permission to Feel: A Story of Self-Harming

Warning: this post could be triggering to those who self-harm. Read at your own risk....more
Hello there, Elizabeth! I cannot read your words without wanting to reach out and comfort you, ...more

I Confess: I Cut Myself

I’ve added a link on the “Where to Get Help” page to To Write Love on Her Arms. I first heard about this organization from a fellow patient at the psychiatric ward I stayed in during my second pregnancy. The woman, whom I’ll call Gabi, suffered from anorexia, depression, and anxiety, and she coped by cutting herself. She would cut herself in lines along her leg to comfort herself when she was feeling stressed out....more

A Cut Too Deep

There's two sides to every story...This is mine ...more

Why Sarah Cuts. (The ugly side of low self-esteem.)

 My interview with a 16 year old cutter....more

Making The Cut. Repeatedly.

Dear Dr. Romance: I Like the Feeling of Getting Cut

Dear Dr. Romance:Is it normal to like the feeling of glass cutting your skin? I like the feeling of getting cut. This isn't good, is it? Dear Reader:...more