NEW REVIEW: Whistle Britches Chicken in Dallas, TX - great for brunch and mimosas!

You know when you eat something so good and your eyes get all misty? Shut up. I'm not crying.... YOU'RE crying. Well, hold on to your britches, because the snitch just had a fried chicken sandwich that may quite possibly rule them all....more

The Fatted Calf (June 14th)

On Saturday morning, we headed into downtown Rockwall for brunch. Nick and I are pretty picky when it comes to brunch places. Although we aren't knocking diner food (Nick loves it), we like more variety than just pancakes, eggs and bacon. There weren't a ton of non-diner brunch places in Rockwall but we did find one place that had a good-looking menu - The Fatted Calf....more

Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Patients Wins With Having President Obama As The New President How Pain Management

Barron’s Medical Journal Reporting From Houston Medical Center at MD Anderson Medical SchoolBreast Cancer Chemotherapy Patients Wins With Having President Obama As The New President How Pain Management...more

SlutWalk Dallas

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the furor that's been raised by a Toronto police officer when he suggested that women can avoid being raped ...more

White Moms: Are They Better at Raising Black Children?

Can I ask a very personal question? Are there no black mothers or Hispanic mothers or Asian mothers capable of caring for and raising a black child in America?   Yes, I said it. I’m asking that question so many of us thought when we saw the People magazine cover with Sandra Bullock proudly hoisting a black child in the air.  Well, at least she adopted an American child my Facebook friends declared. Not like Angelina Jolie or Madonna. Can you believe those ladies? A black child from Africa? ...more

Teachers: You Don't Have to Hit to Be Heard

Substitute teacher Gilbert Leal wants the Dallas Independent School District to reinstate corporal punishment. He’s created a new web site to help further his whooping cause. ...more

Laura Miller and Jerry Jones: Pat on the Knee Sexist Controversy

When former Dallas mayor Laura Miller patted Jerry Jones on the knee and told him to take his billion dollar stadium elsewhere, she had no idea the lasting impression it would have....more