Cross-Training for Belly Dance

Doonya or Don’t Ya? NYC’s New Bollywood Dance Studio

It’s time to get Swappy. Swappy equals sweaty and happy, according to the co-founders of Doonya.Doonya is a Bollywood-inspired dance workout developed by founders Priya and Kajal. It is trademarked, so you won’t find it anywhere else....more

Surviving Homecoming By Teaching Teens Low-Key Can Be Better

I’m a scrooge when it comes to a lot of things: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, basically any event Hallmark tells me I need to be celebrating. I am not fun. It’s true. Ask anyone. I’m also a scrooge when it comes to anything “over the top.” Like when simple affairs are all of a sudden turned into major functions costing lots of money. You know. Like a high school Homecoming Dance. ...more
Avery Lane Right? But it happens, and it. is. ridiculous! (My opinion, of course.)more

If You Love Booty-Shaking (And Who Doesn’t?), This Is Your Workout Class

You enter a dance studio. Clusters of young women crowd outside the room. They’re chatting, taking pre-workout selfies and providing their names to be checked in via an iPhone. The scene resembles waiting for a high school gym class, but only at first....more

Turn Back the Time #TGIF Playlist

 Get Your Groove On With Our 'Time' Playlist This was a short work week for me since we got back from our vacation on Wednesday. Though the work week was short the days seemed to drag on. Vacation time definitely goes by faster then work time. Since we can’t turn back the clocks and still be on vacation, I can at least dedicate this playlist to it....more

Dancing my dream

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”– Martha Graham ...more

World Cup Songs #TGIF Playlist

Let’s Rejoice In The Beautiful Game And Sing Your Hearts OutEvery fours years the world joins together to celebrate the largest sporting event. The beautiful game of soccer can unify nations and fans to root for the best....more

The Free People Re-Vamp: I'm not buying it

I had these thoughts yesterday and I wish I had taken the time to write them down (instead I spent most of the day on my 8w2aHaHo project.)A very good dancer friend just shared this article about Free People and now I'm even more enraged then I was when I wrote my original "Beyond the Ballerina" post....more

Beyond the Ballerina: The Free People Ad Controversy

If you haven’t seen this ad for Free People's Movement line, you should watch it.  And if you aren’t deeply offended by it, let me tell you why you should be: It makes a mockery of ballet and those who have dedicated their lives to the art....more
Felix and Victor  I agree that what she is doing is very dangerous.  I strongly believe that any ...more