5 Things You Need To Know About Yourself Before Getting A Boyfriend

Women, relationships are hard. A new relationship can be a big commitment. Or it can be a short one. What if you and your new boyfriend don’t agree on what kind of commitment you’re entering? What if you yourself don’t know what kind of commitment you want? There are a number of important factors to consider before entering a relationship, but one of the most important things to do before entering a relationship is make sure that you know yourself. What are your expectations for your boyfriend? What are you bringing to the table?...more

10 Useful First Date Tips

Does the idea of a first date give you sweaty palms and a racing heart? Well, it shouldn't. A first date is no more than an introduction. It's a chance to meet someone new, expand your horizons, have a good time, even wear that new dress or try out that new shade of blush! Don't over think it.Read more from 10 Useful First Date Tips at Gifts Ready To Go...more

Dear Future Husband: A Grown Woman's Thoughts on Dating

Dear Future Husband,I don’t necessarily want to know what college you went to and what degree you obtained, I need to know if you can communicate in good and bad times in the wee hours of the morning and late at night, about things that matter....more

Let’s Talk About MEN

Men and women. Women and men. We think it is never possible for both to get along.Women sometimes say that men are weird and complex where in fact men are so simple. In today’s post we are gonna talk about men. But don’t get wrong! NO GOSSIPING … I will just provide you with some facts about men to help you better understand how the man’s brain process and perceive things.Here is the list:...more

5 Ways to Get the Perfect Dating Profile Picture

Let's Get Started:Ditch the Racy PicsStop worrying about how many matches you get, and start thinking about who the matches are. Those cleavage and bikini shots may get lots of attention — likely from a bunch of bros who assume you’ll be quick to undress in person too....more

17 Things Every 2000s Girl Did to Impress Her Crush

The AIM away message did just that: give you *~away~*....more

How to Get a Life (so you can get a boyfriend)

Please don’t complete me. And I won’t complete you. As romantic as Jerry Maguire is, “you complete me” is pathetic. In fact it can even destroy your relationship. The last thing you want to be is half of a whole. Because that translates to an incomplete person. And when it comes to relationships, two halves do not make a whole. They add up to an unhealthy, codependent, needy and insecure duo. And that’s not sexy, nor does it have longevity. ...more

Finding the Perfect Soulmate

Not long ago I read an article by a young man who had been amazed when he learned that many people from his grandparents' generation had simply chosen spouses who lived nearby, rather than co ...more

Giving Someone a Fake Number- is it just me?!

"C'mon!" He leans dangerously close, one arm slung across the bar and one half-around your back. To anybody else he's a friend leaning in to talk into your ear. Maybe even a boyfriend! But in your drunken mind you know he's a stranger, and that you've already told him once you don't give out your phone number, and that in spite of having slightly blurry vision and the sense that a hangover lurks on the horizon giving this guy your number isn't something you want to do."C'mon!" he slurs at you. "Just this once! What could go so wrong, huh? Give me your number, yeah?"...more

Attempt Bаllrооm Dаnсе Lеѕѕоnѕ fоr Your Next Dаtе Night

Hоw аbоut we lеt it оut, dаting iѕ fun in light оf thе fact that thеrе iѕ a tоuсh of suddenness with еvеrуthing. In ѕоmе lоng hаul connections, contemplates demonstrate thаt enthusiasm grаduаllу blurѕ аwау. Cоuрlеѕ get оvеrwhеlmеd bу lifе - саѕh, wоrk, kidѕ, and fаmilу iѕѕuеѕ - аnd regularly neglect tо dеаl with each оthеr. Onсе in a whilе all it takes iѕ ѕоmеthing nеw. On thе off сhаnсе thаt уоu'vе gоnе оut tо thе films оr gоnе for nеw eateries with уоur bеttеr half, whу nоt hаvе a gо at something totally unique, for example, раrtnеr dаnсе lеѕѕоnѕ?...more