Should I Be Ashamed That I Met My Boyfriend Online?

I'm really lucky. I've met an awesomely amazing guy. We met online, on eharmony to be exact. So why should it make me feel embarrassed to tell people that I met my boyfriend online?Image by Teppo Kotirinta via FlickrIt might be my age. Way back in the day, you met people the old-fashioned way-- at work, through friends, school or the oh-so-classy way of meeting at a bar....more
Why would you be embarrassed? People meet each other in all kind of circumstances. My Dad saw my ...more

10 things to do for your girlfriend/wife daily.

10 Things you should be doing for your girlfriend/wife daily ...more

The Boy Who Thought He Had Game

Matt was the fourth guy I went on a date with and after the first 3 winners, I decided to take things really slow and be more selective about my time and energy. Here's a bit of a background story; Matt works with my friend and is known as a womanizer. I've heard all these stories about how he moves from woman to woman and never wants to settle down.So when word got out that he thought I was cute my friend was totally against it....more

Not All About Judd & A Little About....

When I started dating I thought it'd be easy. I had no idea how much had changed, as I have stated before, I was in a relationship from the age of 16 until the year of my 22nd birthday. We had broken up once during that time but we talked the entire time so I never took it serious....more


I am a sucker for love and romance. Me encanta el sentimiento de estar enamorada. The key to keeping relationships and marriages fresh and new is to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! Your outings don’t have to be lavish and expensive. It’s easy to find great date destinations for little to no money. For the next few weeks throughout the summer, I will be sharing creative date and getaway ideas....more
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5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Romantic Dates

Just because you and your sweetheart don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t have a great date. Check out these ideas for a great date night without breaking the bank....more
RowenaHasan Glad you liked it! They are all really memorable dates. Thanks for reading!more

The Evolution of a Crush Slut

You know that one person at that one party? I like them. That one guy that I randomly took a shower with? Yeah, I like him. That cute girl dating a friend of mine? I like her, too. And that guy?! That guy with the really great hair? Oh yeah, I really like him....more

15 Questions couples should ask each other before tying the knotBY KELLY // JUNE 10, 2015 // ...more

Is He Your Player Two, or Just a Player?

 We’ve all been there. You’re out with your friends, having a good time and really not looking for anything more than a nice, honest, and trustworthy guy who will check off all the boxes on your checklist. He’s everything you’ve wanted, and he fits your fantasy to a T....more