The Embrace!

I had no idea what happens when a 66 year old "widow" begins phone conversations with a 66 year old "widower"!  It began with discussions about the deaths of our spouses.  What we discovered was we were both completely comfortable talking about our spouses.  That was a good feeling.  Complete honesty.  The conversations moved on to our current status with a bit of a review of our former relationship some 40 years ago, oh my!  What I found most enjoyable was our laughter.  Someone said laughter is the best medicine and I totally agree....more
Love the series so far.  Will be following!  You paint a fantastic picture of reentering the ...more

The beginning of something new..

It happened somewhere on a united airlines flight between Cancun, California, or the drive to Manhattan KS to see my best friend and soul sister on New Year’s Eve…It could have been the nerves from knowing that this was the 1st time in my entire life that I felt alone or that I was experiencing new places and new people alone, it might have been the multiple vodka 7’s on the airplane, or the large amount of fireball I insisted we take in Aggieville while screaming out callin baton rouge at the top of my lungs….but what I think it really was…was that I knew that this was the end…....more

Surprise yourself!

Surprise yourself!Leave a reply Photo I took in Wales ...more

What's the Deal With "Steak And Blow Job Day"?

When I first heard about "Steak and Blow Job Day," I cracked up laughing. My husband of seven months insisted that this "holiday," celebrated on March 14, was a day for men to be treated special. He said that I had to cook him a steak and give him a blow job to show him my appreciation. Since these were two things I did regularly, I shrugged him off; what made March 14th any different? He then asked, "Well don't you want extra special things on Valentine's Day? Don't I get you flowers all the time?" I had to admit that he had a point, so I humored him and looked online for more information because I wasn't convinced he wasn't pulling my chain. ...more
This is hilarious. What makes it extra special is that March 14th is my brother's birthday. ...more

This Mistake Will Ruin Your Chance Of Connecting With Men

There are times in every relationship when we get used to each other, we tend to be less polite. When the both of you get too comfortable together, and think you can work on your projects like knitting or others commitments like spending some time with your friends, the priorities of your relationship changes. Whether your man is your boyfriend, fiance, or even your husband, these subtle changes to your relationship may be so gradual they get glossed over and these times could hurt your relationship. ...more

Any of you have boyfriends or husbands physically weaker than you?

My boyfriend and I joined a gym together recently. We both thought it'd be fun to take a free defense (wrestling and grappling) class together.  Well, sort of. My boyfriend has seem to lost his confidence after losing in wrestling to a twelve year old boy during the class at our gym who was shorter and smaller than him. And it has seem to affect our sex life a bit, I think.How would you feel about it if this happen to your partner? What is th eright way of going about it?...more

Let Me Tell You A Secret About Relationships...

Having spent most of the last year watching some of my closest friends mercilessly flogging the dead horses of relationships they should never have been in in the first place I’m here to let you in on a little secret about successful, healthy relationships.They’re really not that hard.They really don’t take that much work....more

Movie double date horror

So myself and my cousin (being the kids we are) wanted to  go see the Lego Movie. That was all fine and dandy until he begged me to turn it into a double date. He had just met a girl in a club the night before and drunkenly asked her out. So he set me up with one of his friends that I kinda know. The movie was to start at 7.15. I arrived at the cinema at 7.05, expecting to see my cousin and his entourage, no such sign. 7.15 came and I gave him a ring, he picked up and said he was 40 minutes away.I was enraged. He asked if his friend had shown up, I said no....more

Number issues

So I went out in the big smoke (Dublin)recently. I was with a crowd from a work, just a group of girls. We started off drinking in the hotel then moved to a great little rocker bar where we got a few drinks in. We were having a really brilliant time it must be said. Then we decided as drunk girls do, we must go DANCING! So we went to a club around the corner. ...more