Top 5 Fall Date Ideas in Toronto

Fall is one of our favourite seasons: the leaves start to change colours, the days get shorter, and the weather gets crisp and cool. It’s easy to give in and want to just stay in and hibernate, but in reality there are so many fun activities that you don’t get to partake in any other time of the year. In celebration of the fall season, we’ve come up with the top 5 fall date ideas in Toronto that are both affordable and fun!Go for a Walk...more

Is Chivalry Dead?

   We hear this question all the time:  Is Chivalry Dead?I often teeter the line on being a full-blown feminist, and feminists believe in equal rights and equal treatment of both sexes.  Right?  So does that make me a hypocrite if I still want to be treated a certain way because I’m a female?  Ya know; nice, old-fashioned, polite gestures from men?  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!...more

Panda Express knows me best.

It's like Panda Express knows me better than any guy I've ever dated. ...more

10 Things Women Don't Want to Hear About on a First Date

The dating world can be terrifying. First dates are tricky. Even the best of them have their fair share of awkward moments. There are just so many unknowns on a first date: the anticipation of how it will go; the potential to begin again; and the excitement of getting to know someone who could possibly become important in your life.Unless, of course, your date blabs too much about stuff he shouldn’t....more
JennieTrotter Maybe you just skipped to the list, because let's face it we all skim and try to ...more

Blogging Is Like Dating


The good guy has come to the realization that you don’t have to be a douche bag to get the woman of your dreams....more

Crushes Are NOT For Me!

I recently read a blog post about crushes that happened to mesh pretty well with thoughts that were already inside this pretty little mind of mine. If by mesh you mean I think that it is totally wrong and I can completely explain why.The post was about non-obligation crushes....more
SadWhaleFamily ugh put me right in that camp, the camp for jerksmore

Bat Shit Crazy - The Road to Healing

When was the last time you went "bat shit" crazy for someone? What did you do? Go into stalker mode? (Not hard to do with social media.) Key someone's car? Pee on your ex's personal belongings?...more
Those are wise advice, I agree with you.more

5 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship OFF of Social Media

 We all know her. She’s always on Facebook updating her status about ever intimate detail of her life. The highs the lows, and without pause, she leaves no stone in her life unturned....more

When It Comes to Dating Liars, The Writing Is Usually on the Wall

I recently heard from a client I hadn’t talked to in several months.  She was almost in tears when she said, “Lisa, I just want to know one thing.  I want to know how to spot a lie.”...more
There definitely are warnings and red flags, but too many ignore them until there's full blown ...more