Sometimes It Takes A Village To Find The One You Love

It was the first night of the NBA Finals and I got to a sports bar early to grab a booth for my friends. I was meeting up with one of my best friends and a couple of new friends I had just made the previous weekend. My friends knew some of the other guys at the bar, and we were all having a really great time watching LeBron bitch out cramp up in San Antonio....more

5 Ways to Choose a Man Wisely, Rule #1

5 Ways to Choose a Man Wisely- Rule #1Do you ever wonder why some girls have all the luck? Why they end up with Mr. Right and you seem doomed to land Mr. Wrong?  What do they know that you don't?  Well, they might just be lucky or maybe they have learned a thing or two along the way....more

{DATE 22} Addicted to Singlehood - 30 Tinder Dates in 30 Nights

Monday October 20 – The Doctor Returns…It’s date # 3 with The Doctor, and just as the first two dates, we over-extend our stay at the restaurant. This time we go for pizza in the village. A small place, perfectly cozy on a rainy Monday evening. “I hope you’re hungry!” he tells me, “because I thought we could order two pizzas.” “Yeah, that sounds perfectly sensible to me, but let’s throw in a salad for good measure,” I reply....more

8 Tips For Dating A Single Mom

Next month marks my fourth year of being a single parent. My youngest happens to be four and a half years old. It perplexes me when I hear of a couple separating soon after the birth of their child. I think, “You just welcomed this little darling into the world. You’re supposed to be in bliss.” That’s how the story is supposed to go: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage....more
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A Simple Way To Write Successful Messages When Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, the shorter the better and I don’t mean your height.OkCupid recently conducted a study of their users messages and determined that the most effective messages were fewer than 100 characters. This makes so much sense since we’re so used to communicating via text with everyone else in our lives. And really, who in the hell has time to read or compose long paragraphs to a total stranger?Especially for the fellas who are doing most of the initial reaching out, here are a few things to consider when composing your next online dating message:...more

Looking For The Promise


30 tinder Dates in 30 Nights {Dates 10, 11 & 12} The Last Tripleheader

According to baseball history, the last tripleheader was played on October 2, 1920 between the Reds and the Pirates. (source: The Last Tripleheader). My dear readers, this means, you’re about to experience a historical event! No such sporting phenomenon has occurred since that sunny fall October Saturday 94 years ago. I’m sure you can all appreciate the parallel story here…...more

Stop Being So Picky!

Dating and Spinach

Dating is so not what it used to be. Understatement, I know.Remember when it was as easy as going to the club and flirting with a cute guy? Those were the days. Half drunk, more often completely wasted, and locking lips in the corner with some guy you’ve known all of twenty minutes. Then you exchange numbers, no doubt it’s you giving him your number because what girl would call a guy for a date, right? Then he would call and you’d go out, all uncomfortable at first because you are both sober and can’t really recall what the other is like.Ah, the good old days....more