I Took My Clothes Off And She Rejected Me

“…I think you should go.” Content notice: alcohol use.Can you tell already that this isn’t going to be a fun story?Those five words have never been said in that exact order unless what happened directly before or after was a total bummer. It’s never like:“Hey honey, the guys want me to skip work tomorrow to chug a lot of beers and go to Six Flags. What do you think?”“…I think you should go.”No, unfortunately this is a story about rejection....more

Be Thankful for the Pain: 7 Ways Heartbreaks Shape You Into A Better Person

Most of us have experienced heartbreaks and because of this, we commonly regard ourselves as “damaged goods” or “having baggage”, believing we are not worthy of love or don’t deserve happiness. Well, my depression would probably try to convince me the same. But that negative d*ck can shut up now....more

Things A Guy Must Consider To Impress A Lady

Everyone knows how important the first impression is, especially if you are trying to pull off the gentleman look. Whether you’re planning on a night out with your buddies or you’re trying to impress your first date or you’re attending a formal event such as a wedding, you need to look your best and act your best. Of course there are certain guidelines on how to dress up for the occasion and act the part. In this article you’ll find advice on what to wear from the type of shoes to the type of perfume....more

An Open Letter To The Women I've Accused Of Friendzoning Me

It’s OK to be disappointed and upset when you’re rejected, but it isn’t OK to demonize those who reject you.First of all, my bad.I know there are very few instances where someone will be held accountable for something they did at 16, but even after nine years, I still feel like kind of a dick about it. Besides, I feel like women in these situations rarely get an actual apology.So, let’s take a moment to really talk about how and why this happened, for the people who may not understand why this is such a big issue....more

Second Chance Marriage

Saying “Divorce is hard,” is a huge understatement. Many people come out of it believing they will never get married again. I was one of them. I had 50/50 custody of my two children and planned out my new single life. I thought, maybe I’ll start dating when my last kid goes to college....more

I Found 'The One' But I'm Not Ready For Marriage

“If he asked you tomorrow, what would you say?” they always ask.“I’d say no” I reply. But they don’t believe me....more


You’ve been dating your beau for a while now but recently he has a new friend, a new female friend. You’re not usually the jealous type and you don’t want to chuck up your uneasiness about this new relationship as just insecurity but how do you know for sure? Well here are 5 red flags your gut instinct is right and she is more than just a friend....more

Don’t Feel Sorry for Me: The Perks of Single Life

I recently realized I write about single life quite a bit, and often in a negative way.  I’m actually not intentionally being negative but instead, trying to show my readers an honest and real portrayal of what it’s like.  And yes:Dating kind of sucks.Dudes kind of suck.Online dating apps are trash.Being single at 33 years old can be ostracizing and weird.There’s an annoying pressure on single people (err, women) to find someone....more

4 Years, 4 Lessons: What I've Learned From 4 Years Dating the Nerdiest Nerd

I'm interrupting the series A Guy's Guide to Feminism today because of something special. (We'll get back to it on Monday, I promise!) ...more

Taking My Power Back After Sexual Assault

A while ago, I wrote about how sex has changed for me since my sexual assault, and more recently how I can finally see that I will eventually find my way back to normal.But Monday night, I had another emotional breakdown, completely out of nowhere....more