What The F*** Are You Looking At? My Issues With Intimacy

Eye contact is so intimate and as a habitually single individual it scares the shit out of me. The thought of eye contact or someone even looking at me for long periods of time was so uncomfortable to me that I’d sometimes blurt out “What the fuck are you looking at?”...more
SicilianQueen84 our head is powerful. Gotta retrain those patterns we've established over the years.more

30 dates in 30 Nights - Date 1: The Gambler

My first date of the month was fun. He had mentioned to me during our Tinder chats that he plays tennis often and asked if I would want to play on our first date? I nervously agreed, knowing I’m terrible at the game, but I do enjoy it once in a while. Still, I was looking forward to meeting him, he looked cute in his profile photos, and I especially liked the one with his grandfather.I sent Tony a picture of my date with a few details about him. Tony replied with some advice, including:...more
You should know all about the mota!...comedymore

30 Tinder Dates in 30 Nights - Part 2: The Rules

I’ve been asked to post the rules of this challenge so here they are:1. All dates must come from Tinder with guys I've never met before.2. If the opportunity presents itself, a second date with the same guy may be planed as long as it does not happen more than once a week. A week being Monday - Sunday. 3. All dates must take place between the hours of 10am and midnight.4. 30 dates must be accomplished in 30 consecutive nights/days. From October 1st through October 30th. ...more

Want To Get Over Your Ex?

We’ve all dated that guy. We thought he was the one, only to have him disappoint and hurt us. He did something horrible. He broke our heart, and we can’t seem to trust anyone else and move on. You’ve gone to therapy, spoke to your friends about it for hours, and yet you still can’t seem to get over it....more

What Your Personality Type Means For Your Relationship

Remember in high school when they made you take a personality test to see what career you should go into? I was reading a career blog recently and it recommended taking the test again as an adult to see your strength’s and weaknesses in your job....more

30 Tinder Dates in 30 Nights - (Part 1)

Last week I hit a low point in my dating life. I had left everything up to one guy... BIG mistake! Everyone knows you're supposed to juggle at least three-men at a time, right? That’s what happens when you get too busy to date and rely on one man to do all the heavy lifting. You end up with nothing. And so I decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone by going on 30 dates in 30 consecutive nights. Kickoff is this Wednesday October1st, will I make it?...more
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"I Don't Believe 'Mr. Wrong' Exists": Why Every Relationship Counts

At some point in your life your mom, older sister, grandma, auntie, or random relative will tell you, “You have to date Mr. Wrong to find Mr. Right” or some variation of the same phrase (e.g. “You have to kiss a frog before your find Prince Charming"). While this is 100% accurate, I think this statement has somewhat diluted young women and, in some sense, has set us up for major disappointment when it comes to relationships....more
i believe we have this conundrum going on cause nobody takes the time to consider that they have ...more

Dear Girl Who Likes My Son

I’m sure you are a nice girl. You better be. I will admit, however, that watching you actively pursue my baby has made me hate you a little. You’re both only thirteen; what’s the rush? But if you insist on crushing on my kid, take my advice....more

The Time Two Guys Tried to Switch During Sex

 A friend of mine told me a horrifying story last week that put many of my bad dates to shame. Every time I thought my jaw couldn’t drop any further, a new detail shocked me again.Back in freshman year of college, Ellie, a really pretty, petite girl, had her eye on a hot junior, John, who lived down the hall in her co-ed dorm. The two started making out at a party in his room, and before she knew it, everyone was gone and it was just the two of them. Things got hot and heavy, and they ended up naked on his bed with the lights off. That’s when he got up to get a condom.When he got back on top of her with the condom, she opened her eyes to a terrifying sight — the naked guy sitting on her WAS NOT JOHN. ...more
tpexiaojie I agree with you! Except my ass would have been out of there the first time! I would ...more