When It Comes to Dating, Twitter is the Best Place for Me

I never thought I’d be the girlfriend who called about tweets.  Yet there I was, sitting in front of my computer completely horrified and desperately searching for my phone.He wouldn’t have said that…he didn’t type that…not the guy who knew about my past. Not him.But there it was. The tweet that sent my entire timeline in a tizzy and he’d written it:"The women who say they want to be equal to men  would call the cops on a man for hitting them like his equal.”...more
FireinFreetown Great post! You hit on some of the same points I've been making recently.more

There’s going to come a day when he will ask you – to help him with…his make-up

Sunday.  October 18, 1992.  Buffalo, NYDear Diary.  Or, should I write…’Dear Lynne, so ten years from now it could be a letter to my older self.”  Okay. Start over....more

Dating Red Flags: Being Asked Out Via MSN

Originally posted on ChapterTK.com...more

Don't Let Fear Limit Your Relationship

"The truth is, I don't know how to deal with you being depressed and I don't think I can handle it..."...more
Im so glad you wrote this. I was totally unsupported, rejected, looked down on, and ridiculed by ...more

6 Reasons Why You Need a Man Like Pharrell Williams

 Music producer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams is all over the internet right now. Most posts are poking fun at the bucket size hat that he wore to the Grammy's, but this one will be a little different.I hear and see a ton of discussion on what makes a man the ideal mate. Some women have lists that span across multiple pages in their journals on what their "future husband" should look like (mmm-hmm - I'm looking at you!)....more

6 Tricks to Get Bloggers TV-Ready

I've no doubt that many of you reading this get nervous, as do I, before going on TV or radio.  So I want to share a few things I learned to help me get a grip on my nerves before I went on this show. I really do think they helped. ...more

5 Worst Times To Be Single

Sometimes being single friggin' sucks. Before you roll your eyes at me, let me also state that if you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I in no way feel you need a man to complete you, be happy, or live a fulfilled life. I have been happily single for over four years now and have written over 50 blog post demonstrating that.With that being said, there are definitely times when being single does, in fact, suck! ...more
I laughed too hard at #1 because I feel your pain so much! My grandma has been dropping my more ...more

The Signs are There Why are You Going on Red?

Point, blank, period if a man or woman shows you who they are (subtle signs mostly, but sometimes sirens flaring) then that is who they are. There is no “maybe I can change him/her” or my favorite “If I do this he/her will see that I am the one.” None of that works because if they want to change they will on their own without your assistance. Now these next few lines are important. The question is not does he/she wants you because people will take what you will give. So what you should be asking yourself is what do they want from me and what is it going to cost me? ...more

FUNNY Pick Up Lines You Can Use To Make Him Laugh!

Hey Babydoll,Do you want to 'turn up the heat' or 'pump it up' with your man and get closer than ever before?Then you got to give these FLAMING HOT AND CHEESY PICK UP LINES A TRY!But first, here's how you can use them. ...more

The weight of being alone

A few months ago my future daughter-in-law Montana brought her best friend Arden over to see my new house before I moved in. After we'd walked through the empty rooms she asked me, "Who's going to live here with you?"...more