Standing Up Before Settling Down

I was a female Woody Allen -- self-deprecating, with mismatched features and glasses. So I couldn’t believe it when Andy, the 6’2", aqua-eyed comic in my stand-up class, flirted with me at a party. I’d only dreamed of him folding his large body over mine, like origami.“Want a smoke?” A dazzling smile lit his face.“Sure.”“I don’t smoke.”“Me neither.”...more

If You're Single This Valentine's Day, Don't Change a Thing

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a male co-worker about relationships and my state of singleness. Okay, if I’m honest, it was one of many conversations I had made this kind man patiently endure on this topic. After listening to me drone on about my horrible affliction for the gazillionth time, he asked with a voice of exasperation, “Amanda, why do you let being single define you so much?”I remember it like it was yesterday because it struck me deeply and I felt embarrassed.He was right....more

Dating God and Drinking Pretty Coffee

"I mean... God and I, we hang out all the time but we've never dated before." I uttered this comment in all seriousness but my sister-friend Yvette burst into girlish laughter, tickled by the thought of "dating God." It was an exciting but peculiar thought. I had only twice heard the mention of dating God....more
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Why Every Single Woman Should 'Multi-Date'

Many women hate dating. Some think it's too stressful, others feel too vulnerable, or they just don’t know how to date. I’m inclined to believe that most women are missing one crucial step to successfully dating and that is multi-dating....more

Dating An Artist

Everyone has an opinion. We all know this. I’m either told I’ll never make it or people gush on a regular basis. There’s never an in between. No one says, “Meh, you’re okay.” or, “You can earn a moderate income doing that.” Although, I have gotten a couple, “You’re not my taste,” which is a polite way of saying, “Let’s not ever talk about this again.” ...more
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Why Every Single Woman Should Multi-Date

Most women hate dating. Some think its too stressful, others feel too vulnerable or they just don’t know how to date. I’m inclined to believe that most women are missing one crucial step to successfully dating and that is multi-dating....more

Flowers and Forgiveness for the One Who Broke My Heart

At the point of forgiveness is freedom. I know because I've been there. Three years ago, a perfect stranger called me and in the midst of heartbreak, with great wisdom, he spoke to my (then) current situation. He later told me, " day you'll send that man flowers and a note saying thank you for getting out of my life." Apostle Ron was so right! Back then, I was so hurt and angry by the complete and utter hell I had been put through. It just didn't seem fair that someone could effortlessly break someone so easily. I was a different person then....more
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Your College Boyfriend(s): Post-Grad Reminiscing

Forgetting things is second nature. Birthdays, grocery lists, deadlines. So why can’t you manage to forget these guys ever existed? ...more