Have you ever been with someone but you were confused as to whether they truly loved you or not? They may say it, they may even show it at times, but their words and actions are not consistent with a person who has chosen to love you. Well no need to be confused any longer. He/She does NOT love you. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say that he/she doesn’t have any idea what love is, much less what it entails....more
love to me : te days I dont love my self (PMS DAYS) when I am in rare form and my husband still ...more

Who is out of who’s league

Out of my league, what does that mean? True that I won’t fit into his million dollar lifestyle. I’m not even a high class woman with a three hundred dollar haircut. I will fall off the yacht, trip over my dress, and spill a fifty dollar glass of wine. And I just know I’ll be walking the mansion night and day looking for my smokes. “I think I left them in the east wing.”I will never be in “that league”, true.More important is who is in MY league. Do you work? Do you care? Will you go and buy feminine products for me?Golden.http://skinnyandsingle.wordpress.com...more

Why You Not Date Me?

I desperately wanted a boyfriend....more

My Grandfather Warned Me About This Type Of Man

My grandfather was an interesting man. He was well traveled, having lived in 5 different countries. He was really smart and extremely hard working. He instilled these same ideas in his children, who all went on to have his entrepreneurial spirit. There were no limits in his world and there were no boundaries, there were only possibility.I didn’t get to spend as much time with him as I would have liked. We always lived in different countries, and we spoke different languages, but I did spend some time with him in my pre-teens, which I cherish....more

What It’s Really Like Dating People in Top Careers

Doctors, lawyers and engineers get all the attention on many dating sites. However, the reality of dating people in these kinds of top tier careers can be very different than what you expect. While it’s natural to seek out a love interest that has a similar education level as you (or maybe even the same field), that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes the heart doesn’t actually want the common characteristics that go along with a surgeon....more

Should You Look for Love at Work?

A new dating app called The League, currently in beta in San Francisco, allows you to log in via your LinkedIn account ... so it can block your colleagues from seeing your profile. I think it is genius—though you may work closely with people 40 hours a week, you might still want to keep your dating life private. If you are using Match.com or Tinder, your photos and dating profile are out there for the world to see....more
SHOULD we look for love at work? Well, some people have managed to pull it off. But, in ...more

The Holidays Are the Absolute Best Time to Date

Some articles out there would have you believe that you should stop dating during the holidays and brace yourself for a lonely season. There are actual guides telling you how to survive the holidays while single, as if it’s the worst thing in life to be single during the holidays.Well, I’m here to tell you that the most wonderful time of the year is also the best time to date. ...more

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Texts

It has recently come to my attention that men, women and everyone in between is in dire need of a lesson in text message etiquette. I’m no Miss Manners, but there are a few ground rules that I’m concerned far too few people are aware of....more

He's/She's Just Not That Into You: The 4 Ways You Can Reject Someone in the Dating World

When you’re in the dating scene, you’re likely going to meet a lot of different people.  And because this is the way the world works and not everyone likes or has an attraction to every person they meet, you’re occasionally going to have to reject someone at some point down the road.But the question is… how?  Rejecting someone is never easy, unless they did something rude, obnoxious and/or disrespectful which may warrant a big ole “go kick rocks and never contact me again.”...more