I Will Not Be ...

I haven't posted in a while, because a) I just haven't had time and b) things have been decent. I say decent because I've been just trying to accept certain things: - I will not be the girl in the bar a guy hits on. - I will not be the person who has a ton of friend to call up and do things with. - I will not be the employee who doesn't have to stop proving themselves. - I will not be the person I wish I was. People say you can change things -- your relationship status, your job situation, your social life. I'm starting to believe that's not true. ...more

Dr. Romance on How Not to be Shy at a Party

Introverts can enjoy the parties, too, if they respect who they are and don’t let negative fantasies take over.  Limit your social engagements to those that are manageable or meaningful to you, and allow plenty of time for being by yourself or with a single friend, if that's what makes you happy.  If you're not happy about missing out on all the parties, here are some strategies to help.   It’s no surprise that awkwardness, fear and embarrassment arise from a poor self-image....more


I finally joined Match.com after posting my profile last week.  I had 48 emails and 7 winks!  That's pretty good right!  I have to admit it was pretty fun to read all the emails and check out what men had to say.  WOW!  Men are sooo funny!  It must be really difficult to be a man.  Seriously.  All I had to do was post a picture.  Men on the other hand,  see the picture and  they have to come up with an opening line....more

The Profile! The Beginning of my Internet Dating Profile

So, as previously stated I have decided to join Match.com.  It should be a very interesting journey.  I encourage those who are considering the same, to follow me and see how it goes!  This will be an honest, open, and often humorous blog!  Some may not appreciate my sense of humor!  I can already see that coming!  I cannot write about this without calling it as I see it,  so here goes:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Am I Single?

Dear Dr.Romance:  My friends were joking that I have never been single, and I argued that I have - but they said my definition of being single was wrong! true, I tend to have long term relationships, but before I met my last boyfriend I was "single" for nearly a year. I define this as not exclusively being in a committed relationship with any one person, but yes I dated a few guys. they say that because I was dating, I wasn't single.... what is your view on this??...more

Happy Endings: Where’s Nora Ephron When You Need Her?

Girl meets guy. Guy kisses girl. Fireworks erupt. But girl gives guy the wrong number and the night starts to fade into memory. But don't worry, girl's friends are not without wiles. They harness the power of the web to find the guy for her and -- a miracle! -- they do. In the Nora Ephron version of this story, the two are reunited and live happily ever after, eating their sauces on the side and over-analyzing Casablanca. But this is 2012, not a perfectly scripted romcom Hollywood film. So what happens? ...more
Ha! Love you! I have a smile a mile wide on my face. Your avatar, title and tag lines are so ...more

Real Marriage Story #5: Why Alone Time Is So Key!

“Want to know how to cook a frog?  Don’t put him in boiling water, or he’ll hop out!  Instead, put him in cool water, and slowly turn up the heat.”  (Overheard anecdote on, apparently, frog-cooking.)In many ways, the wonderful crunch-years of raising a family is like this story.  We get so used to the heat that we sometimes forget to jump out of the pot.  Lisa G., today’s guest, shares how she prevents her marriage from getting cooked!Can you tell us a little about yourself?...more

The spy that likes me...

No, I am not dead, in a coma, or in a body cast without the use of my digits...  just simply sliding in and out from under the bell-jar these days (incase you were wondering.)Today my girl Tani called me fron her work gig up north with my quasi-scheduled dose of reality: "You keep saying you want to meet people, but how can you meet anyone when you NEVER leave the house? You are turning into a monk."...more

Missed Connections: True Love or Fantasy?

 “The best part of my day is watching you come home. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I would love to know you. You probably are taken but if not, here is my number…”This is the note a stranger left on the windshield of my Jetta when I was 25. There was immediate gratitude that the white sheet was not another parking ticket. Then my heart thudded with the utter romance of it all.“And how did you two meet?”...more

The Guest Snuggie: But Wait, There's More!

Like the majority of Americans, on occasion, I have trouble falling asleep.  Some nights, I can read a few pages of a book or Us Weekly and that does the trick.  Other nights, not so much.  Depending on the hour, I’ll get up and watch TV.  Not too much is on in the wee hours, except for infomercials.  The other night, I was up early or late, depending on your worldview, and watched a few infomercials.  I was surprised to see that, when you buy something, you get double or triple of it, at no additional cost...more
So true, Lori! But only if you act "now" - read: in the next month.more