Really facebook...bite me.

It's a funny thing. The advertising on facebook. The very day that I changed my relationship status to single I was inundated with pictures of gorgeous, rich, single men that just wanted to date mature women. No young women wanted. First off, just bite me because. Not only are you pissing me off by saying I am old, you are false advertising by saying that the gorgeous guys you put in those pictures for the mature dating sights actually exist. Well my friends...I am calling BULLLLLSHIT. Seriously look at these guys... ...more

How One Break Up Defined My Entire Year

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to write this post. Actually that's a lie. I know exactly why it's been so hard to write this post and why I've been avoiding it forever. For me, 2011 was a bi-polar year. I had a lot of really amazing highs -- won a work award, was honored at a fancy pants gala, got my face on the cover of a magazine,...more

Want to Get Hitched in 2012 (To a House or Partner) ?

It's time to multitask.If you're a single gal looking for that right person through online dating and you just happened to also be house hunting, you will notice some striking parallels in the two activities: Beyond the rent vs buy decision, they are the same....more

Get a Date (but hit them with your car first)

Today was supposed to be a mini-hiatus from my blog, I have been disillusioned lately as my life has become dull to the point of grasping at invisible straws. No more stalkers or chronic masturbators, tongue-rapes in fiats, nor run-ins with exes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t LOVE or support the drama… it’s just that, my live-action “cellular” life has flat-lined for the moment....more

Actual J-Date E-Mails... OY!

 These are J-Date e-mails that I received when I was on the site, looking for a man. To amuse myself, I commented on the e-mails, but I never sent them....more

Sex or sushi? A moral dilemma…

I met with Dog-Guy the other morning and he was doing surprisingly well considering first undergoing a vivisection, then a steam-rolling due to last Wednesdays's break-up. They had  been living together for just 2 months . He had moved 6 hours south to be with her and spent over 3000 euros in equipment in order to continue his pedigree breeding business. She was 43, had a 7 year old child, looked like Glenn Close with a bad haircut, and spent 2 thousand euros-a-month of his money on shopping, all the while simultaneously receiving texts on her cel....more

Relationships 101: You Are NOT Changing Them!

After almost 30 years of marriage (in May...), I have come about a bit of "wisdom" that I believe is worth passing along to anyone who is in a relationship or contemplating getting into a relationship.  This "wisdom" is not anything new; most of you have even heard it before.  However, just like the parents of Tee Ballers, you "hear what I'm, saying", but you don't think it applies to YOUR kid. ...more

I May Now Date Movie Stars

I found out today that someone paid seven thousand dollars for a date with Scarlett Johansson. BUT he didn't show up for the date. There was an auction for charity, and he won. But the man who won was married and he would have to fly to the opposite coast for the date, so he didn't go. ...more
@esbboston Awww! That's really sweet!more

Size Matters

I have heard phrases like "size doesn't matter", "quality not quantity", "it's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean", etc., etc.  However...I'm here to tell you, size matters!  In all things, size matters.  If you're hungry, do you want a little Crystal burger, or do you want a Whopper?  If it's cold, do you want a thin jacket or a thick down jacket?  Same goes for body types.  I am 5'7".  Not a small woman.  My normal weight (yes, guys, I'm actually going to tell it) is between 145 and 150.  When I...more

Je T'Adore Means Shut The Door

Once, as my boyfriend of 3 months – now husband of 1.000 years – got out of bed, he farted. Just a wee little friendly passing of gas – but my reaction came promptly: “I REALLY don’t think we should do that kind of thing in front of each other!” I look back at that now and marvel. These days, all gates are wide open. One person is taking a dump while the other is brushing their teeth.Now, while there is something quite wonderful about really KNOWING your partner, perhaps some things were better left… Mysterious?...more