The Friend Zone

So I sucked it up, bit the bullet, took one in the nuts (figuratively, of course), and said (to my cats and the voices in my head), if The Dark One isn't interested in me as more than a friend, fuck him.  Well, sadly, no, not fuck him.  I would very much like to fuck him.  All that long black hair flying around....his, not mine...yummmm... Er, sorry. ...more

Back. The Fuck. Up. (part 1)

The following is a scene from the biographical movie of my life, working title: Back. The Fuck. Up. ...more

He's Just Not That Into You...Yet?

Hello, my name is Haylah, and I’m a clinger. [chorus of Hello, Haylah.] I’d like to share my story with you, not just because I like to talk, but because I’m hoping to get some feedback, maybe some insight, or at least an opinion that isn’t the jumbled on I’ve had on repeat for the last 2 and a half months. A couple years ago that book and movie, ...more

Heart-Mind-Body-Soul: So Long Summer

Until next year Tahoe   Well, it's official.  A...more

It Was a Deal-Breaker, But I Ignored It -- And I'm Glad

Deal-breakers help us make decisions about people quickly, so we don't waste time on those who are not really suited to us. But what if she had decided that his having no books and being seemingly uninterested in reading was a deal-breaker? What if receiving a nod when she alluded to some obscure passage had won out over what would eventually blossom into this? ...more
I loved this piece of writing of yours its my favourite so far.. it gives me hope that just by ...more

Deal breakers


First Date Groupon: Frugal genius or extreme cheapskate?

[image via Jay I Kemp]...more

No, Nope, Nada

I went to go get my hair highlighted and cut today. The woman who owns the place is a feisty, amazingly funny person, who I've come to know pretty well. Today, however, I felt like a looser. Her: 'So, any guys in your life?' Me: 'No.' Her: 'No? Not at all.' Me: 'Nope, I'm always working' Her: 'Well, you go out for drinks after work and stuff, right?' Me: 'No, not really. I leave work and go home because I have more work to do.' Her: 'Hmmm.' A little while later. Her: 'Been to any concerts?' ...more

I don't like the woman in the mirror

I don't like the woman staring back at me in my dirty bathroom mirror. Why does she have to be so needy? Why can't she just trust her boyfriend? Why is it such a big deal that he keeps his ex girlfriends in his life? Why does she need a drink every time she really starts to think about ending the relationship? I wish she was stronger. I wish she didn't care SO much, ALL of the time. What happened to the carefree woman that jumped on a plane to Thailand for three months?...more