Freak out!

Freak out! You feel like you're tied to the rails, and there's a train coming down the tracks at top speed.  There are tampons in your medicine cabinet right next to yo...more

Are you Willing to be Unhappy, just so you're not Alone?

As friends around you begin to settle down, buy houses and have children, many women find themselves standing at the crossroads of Start Over and He's Good Enough. Having invested so many years into the wrong man, bad boyfriend or all around ugly person they begin to wonder what's worse - starting over as a single women, or stay in a loveless relationship?...more

How To Keep It Hot & Interesting

Tomorrow is promised to no one and what little time we have on this earth shared with someone we love and adore is precious. ...more

Love Recipes

You go to a search engine and type the question. How to make a girl/guy fall in love with you? Is 73.000.00 answers enough to find out what love is? Why should we need a recipe to capture someone?...more

Entitled To Be Single

When my ...more

Making It is Living It

As I watched the people hurrying to escape the snow and ice, I thought about how I’ve spend the majority of my life reaching for and rushing t...more

No Question About It... This Is Love

I love him. I do. I love him with a love that I feel within my body, within my soul, within my heart. It’s crazy how much I love this man. But what’s even more extraordinary is that he loves me! I know he loves me—not because he told me, but because he didn’t have to tell me. I feel it. I feel it within my being that he truly wants to be with me and truly adores me. The feel of his love is so strong, so heavy, so lasting that I literally felt the moment it happened.  I literally felt the moment he let himself love me fully and completely…...more

Good Enough for Who?

Sometimes, I can be a little ...more

Women In The Thirties

They are everywhere, on TV Series, books, headlines, corporationdirections,  politics, aloneat restaurants, or picking up the kids from school. A lot has been sad about the women in the thirties,  but the best word to define that stage of women life is fascination. ...more